The health and safety of our CAGC Family and the general public is our most important concern during the COVID-19 Pandemic. CAGC is committed to sifting through the many available sources and making sense of what is credible and important so you,  our members,  can focus on your businesses. We will do our best to post the most current information from recognized subject matter experts including but not limited to the CDC, OSHA and NC/SC State Officials so you can remain informed and make the appropriate safety and health decisions for your company.


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Resources for General Cleaning and Preventative Measures for Job Sites:
Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Supplies and Face Coverings:
  • 5/1/20 Hand sanitizer is available through Surgiform (
  • 5/1/20 Hand sanitizer is available through Redeem Therapeutics (
  • New South Supply: PeraSpray Sanitizer; BacStop3A Hand Sanitizer, SeaWash Sanitizer
    Contact: Joanie Allen @ 770-686-4099

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North and South Carolina Safety Resources:

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AGC of America:

Download free Resources and Graphics:
  • Letter from Steve Sandherr about the Importance of Jobsite Safety: To Continue to Operate, You Must Continue to Operate Safely
  • Proactive Measures for Addressing COVID-19 - Pre-screening Questionnaire and Tips for Preventing and Responding to a Suspected or Confirmed Positive Case (for member use)
  • Sample Plan for COVID-19 - Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response
  • Shareable Jobsite COVID-19 Safety Tips: Download for in Office, on Jobsites or your Website.
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    Media Contacts

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    Victor Barbour
    NC Highway-Heavy Div.
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    SC Bldg. & Hwy Div.
    Leslie Clark

    Dave Simpson
    CAGC President & CEO
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