Webinar Announcement: COVID-19 FAQs: Construction Companies - Families First and CARES Legislation

Published on 3/30/2020
Webinar on the Families First and CARES legislation. Will include a brief summary of the key employment related benefits from each piece of legislation, and understanding of how each piece of legislation works together, and answers to frequently aske
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Webinar Announcement: COVID-19 - Jobsite Impacts

Published on 3/16/2020
COVID-19 may present an unprecedented challenge to employers, with possible disruptions to large-scale supply chains and infrastructures. This webinar will highlight the key issues facing employers.
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HR/Safety Conference Postponed to October

Published on 3/12/2020
In response to the COVID-19 virus, Carolinas AGC is taking the precautionary step to postpone the HR/Safety Conference until October 21-23.
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CAGC Hiring Education, Training and Safety Manager

Published on 2/21/2020
CAGC is seeking a motivated and experienced professional with strong skills in education & training development, class/event organization and an understanding of how to develop and deliver training offerings.
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A Word from CAGC’s 2020 Chair of the Board

Published on 1/13/2020
CAGC is entering the year of our 100th Anniversary! I can’t help but to express how fortunate I am to be not only a member of this organization but also serve as Chairman of the Board during such a pivotal and historic time for us.
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