2022 Carolinas AGC Foundation Scholarship Winners

Published on 7/12/2022
We are proud to announce this year's Carolinas AGC Foundation Scholarship recipients who were awarded a total of $12,000 to assist them as they enter the construction industry or advance their skills and/or knowledge to further their career.
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Diversity and Inclusion Survey and Listening Sessions

Published on 5/28/2022
Help us reduce the workforce shortage through diversity and inclusion efforts by taking a brief survey and/or participating in a virtual listening session. The deadline to participate is now June 10.
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2022 Open Shop Wage & Benefits Survey

Published on 5/20/2022
The deadline to complete the confidential 2022 Open Shop Wage & Benefits Survey is Tuesday, May 31. Complete the survey to receive information regarding employee compensation offered by the Carolinas’ construction industry.
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2022 CAGC Construction/Construction Management Staff Salary Survey

Published on 2/17/2022
The deadline to participate in our 2022 Construction/Construction Management Staff Salary Survey is Friday, February 25. Anonymous survey results will be provided to participants, only.
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A Word from CAGC’s 2022 Chair of the Board

Published on 1/11/2022
Incoming Board Chair Charlie Wilson is honored to serve during 2022. Charlie reflects on the challenges and hurdles CAGC overcame over the course of the last two years and looks forward to an exciting 2022.
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