Instructor Certification

CAGC is an Accredited Training Sponsor for NCCER .  CAGC offers NCCER certification for instructors teaching all NCCER and the CAGC Project SuperVISION curriculum.

Craft Professional Certification

NCCERCAGC is an Accredited Assessment Center for NCCER and the American Institute of Constructors.  CAGC offers certification testing for: all NCCER Crafts and hold special endorsements for mobile crane, rigging, signal person, and Project SuperVISION certification:

  • All NCCER Crafts

We also hold special endorsements for:

  • Mobile crane
  • Rigging
  • Signal
  • Project SuperVISION®
  • AIC Certified Professional Constructor exam

American Institute of ConstructorsCAGC is an accredited testing location for the American Institute of Constructors and offers certification testing based on the AIC schedule.