No other construction industry organization in the Carolinas delivers on legislative and regulatory issues like Carolinas AGC. Whether it involves helping ease the workforce shortage; leading efforts to secure hundreds of millions of dollars for infrastructure improvements involving transportation, building and utility public construction work; improving the business climate for construction or cutting bureaucratic red tape and minimizing risks for the construction industry, CAGC is working for you.

Below is a snapshot of how Carolinas AGC lobbyists work on members’ behalf in the North Carolina and South Carolina legislatures.

SC Flag South Carolina

  • Address the Lack of Skilled Laborers: CAGC, along with our BPBP partners, will be asking for additional and recurring state funding for the Be Pro Be Proud skilled trades mobile workshop. This is a public private partnership, and we are asking for the state to commit to continuous exposure to skilled trade by adopting a recurring state budget line of $500,000 annually to complement the ongoing fundraising by the private industry.

  • Improve the Legal Climate in SC:  CAGC is a member of the SC Coalition for Lawsuit Reform, and our own Leslie Clark is the volunteer chair of the coalition. The coalition is asking the General Assembly, this session, to address the issue of joint and several liability. Our state must move to a system in which businesses and individuals are only required to pay damages based on their actual share of fault. This will continue to be a priority for CAGC.

  • Workforce Scholarships: CAGC will continue to push for funding from the state to ensure that individuals have access to a technical college education in the critical areas of need, which includes Construction, Welding, and Commercial Drivers Licenses.

  • Infrastructure Funding: In a year where the SC has a considerable surplus in state funding, CAGC will push for additional funding for the state’s roads and bridges.

NC Flag North Carolina

  • COVID-19: The legislature will be allocating additional funding received from the federal government to combat the effects of COVID 19 on businesses, government, and individuals.  Last year, the CAGC Foundation received a grant of $3.75 million dollars that was distributed to qualified construction businesses and non-profits to mitigate the effects of the pandemic in construction.  CAGC will be exploring opportunities for additional funding that could be used for a statewide vaccine education campaign or for vaccine distribution on job sites.
  • Infrastructure: CAGC’s number one priority this year is funding for infrastructure. Both legislative leaders in the House and Senate as well as the Governor, have stated their interest in funding infrastructure to include highway, building (K-12, higher education, and community colleges), and utility projects including broadband.  The amount of the infrastructure package is unknown at this time but is expected to be funded through a combination of bonds and pay-as-you-go cash funding appropriated in the state budget.  CAGC will be lobbying for an all-inclusive infrastructure package that will provide sufficient funding to address the growing needs in our state. 

  • Design Build/Design Build Bridging Updates (non-highway): Since the passage of the Design Build and Design Build Bridging statutes back in 2013, we have heard from many general contractors, public owners and the Office of State Construction that clarifications are needed in several areas of the statute.  The Innovations Committee, a “think tank” of the State Building Commission that includes public owners, general contractors and designers, has drafted changes that have been vetted with CAGC membership in the Utility and Building Divisions.  These changes are clarifying, non-substantive revisions that do not stray from the original intent of the legislation.  The proposed bill will be introduced this session and is one of CAGC’s top priorities. 

  • Liens, Liability and Indemnity Statutes: The NC Bar, Construction Section/CAGC Joint committee is considering several legal changes that would primarily impact lien and liability statutes and lien waivers.   One of these proposals would deal with the release of lien at the beginning of a project, without adequate consideration and the practice of requiring a subcontractor to release its claims in return for progress payments (contractors have earned the money but payment is conditioned upon them giving up claims for which they are not paid).  The committee is also considering a change in the indemnity statutes with an eye toward providing contractors the same relief as designers with respect to duty to defend.  CAGC is working with the committee and other stakeholders to determine the feasibility of advocating for these changes this year. 

  • Workforce: Working with the NC Community College System and other stakeholders, CAGC will be looking for opportunities to fund workforce development programs that help our industry recruit a younger, more diverse population to the construction industry.  Our goal will be to ensure that all individuals across the state are aware of the career opportunities available in the construction industry.