The JCR's are developed by the respective Joint Cooperative Committees of Carolinas AGC and the state AIA Chapters in North Carolina and South CarolinaJCRs for each state recommend guidelines for avoiding and solving problems on issues ranging from not issuing last-minute addenda to the best times for bids and are the result of decades of work involving architects and contractors who have reached agreements on industry-related subjects. After discussion, the JCR's are approved by the Boards of Directors of Carolinas AGC and the AIA chapters. 

North Carolina

JCR Presentation
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Full set of NC JCR's
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South Carolina

Full set of SC JCR's
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Questions on JCR's or requests for printed copies at $15.00:
North Carolina: Betsy Bailey | 704-372-1450 x5725 
South Carolina: Leslie B. Clark |  (803) 240-6649