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CAGC Virtual Lunch and Learn - 10/16/2023:

Bridging the Language Barrier: Improving Safety Culture

In the construction field Latinos are at a higher risk for safety accidents. There are three prominent barriers, 1) training difficulties, 2) language differences, and 3) the lack of understanding the Hispanic culture. In this lunch & learn you will gain insight into how to provide a safer and more welcoming environment for Hispanic employees. This includes strategies to put into practice to improve safety and communication. Whether an employee is temporary or permanent the success of a construction company weighs heavily upon protecting all from workplace hazards. This online seminar is essential for non-Hispanic trainers and supervisors of Hispanic workers, including crew leaders, project managers, superintendents, HR managers and senior staff.  


Jeff Alfonso, CCHI Certified Healthcare Interpreter, Bilingual Authorized OSHA Safety Trainer.

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10/16/2023: Bridging the Language Barrier: Improving Safety Culture

CAGC Virtual Lunch and Learn - 9/13/2023:

Dr. Joseph Burgett, Clemson University: Drones in Construction: More Than Just a Pretty Picture

Over the past few years, the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly referred to as “drones,” has significantly increased in the construction industry. What started as a novelty toy to capture marketing images has become an invaluable tool for improving logistics, reducing costs, and supporting quality control. Drone-captured 2D images are now commonly used to create 3D models to document as-built conditions, monitor progress, and calculate material quantities. Incorporating aerial infrared thermography gives innovative contractors new insights into as-built conditions, envelope integrity, quality control, and building energy performance. In this presentation, Dr. Joe Burgett discussed the opportunities, challenges, and barriers to leveraging drones in construction. He also talked about the cost of starting a program, and the steps contractors should follow to operate in the national airspace. 

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9/13/23 Lunch & Learn: Drones in Construction: More Than Just a Pretty Picture

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Recent Recordings

10/16/2023: Bridging the Language Barrier: Improving Safety Culture
9/13/2023 Lunch & Learn: Drones in Construction: More Than Just a Pretty Picture
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 3/4/2021: Robots that Build the World with BUILT
3/3/2021: Mental Health with Lisa Burbage 
 2/28/2021: Member Benefits through ConstructConnect
 2/17/2021: Drone Technology for Contractors with Clemson University
2/3/2021: Protect Yourself & Your Organization: Hazard Recognition / Accident Investigations
1/14/2021: Job Costing and "Health of the Job" Reports with HCSS
11/11/2020: Industry Best Practices for COVID-19 with Capua Law
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