To bring about necessary change in our construction industry in the Carolinas, we must take a grassroots approach to make our voices heard. Carolinas AGC, AGC of America and ARTBA are working hard to watch our for the industry interests in local, state and national levels of government. The most powerful influence comes from the people in the industry itself though and we know that collective efforts and collective voices do affect legislation and regulations.

Please make yourself a part of a strong voice in the halls of legislatures by participating in our advocacy campaigns, contacting your elected officials and signing up for our legislative alerts.

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Block New Red Tape Permitting Requirements

Congress will soon vote to repeal a new regulation that expands federal permitting over more construction projects around water, potentially even some ditches. Uncertainty and confusion around requirements in the federal environmental permitting process can significantly drive-up project costs, delay schedules, and, ultimately, cause project cancellations. 

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Stop Unrealistic Restrictions on Construction Supply Chains

Environmentalists are suing the EPA to classify discarded PVC as hazardous waste. Take action now with AGC of America to help prevent significant regulatory risk and new liability exposure for construction firms.

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Tell EPA Don’t Regulate PVC as Hazardous Waste

The Biden administration may finalize rules and hastily implement expanded Buy America requirements on federally assisted construction projects with little consideration for ongoing supply chain woes, existing domestic manufacturing capacity, or a realistic plan to expand that capacity over time. 

Tell the Biden administration how these rules will impact your projects and workforce.

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