Carolinas AGC (CAGC) members have unhindered access to a seasoned CAGC staffcommittees and association partners, whose combined expertise spans the inner-workings of the construction industry. From getting advice on how to get started in industry, to complicated legal and regulatory issues, CAGC consults with members and advises, or helps to find outside expertise when necessary. CAGC, it’s committees and partners can help with the following:

  • Getting started in the industry
    Staff can provide recommendations for business planning consultants, accounts, banking, legal and licensing requirements for those thinking of starting their own commercial construction company.
    We also provide guidance to individuals seeking a career in the commercial construction industry.
  • Maintaining a safe, compliant and trained workforce
    Staff can assist in development of company specific training and development plans and provide craft, safety and management training programs in a variety of delivery methods.
  • Protecting your company from union organizing tactics
    We offer a robust, proactive union free program that includes a free consultation with Mark Stubley, Attorney Ogletree Deakins, one of the nation’s top labor relations lawyers, when a member senses they are being targeted by union organizers.
  • Understanding contracts/best practices among industry partners
    Members have access to CAGC Joint Committee Recommendations that shape industry best practice and  AIA and AGC Contract Documents that set standards for ethical and fair contract relationships.
  • Compliance with Human Resources laws and rules/best practices
    CAGC staff and our HR Committee work together as a resource for members dealing with HR issue in the workplace.
  • Understanding legislation that impacts your business
    5 registered lobbyist working for pro-business regulations. Staff can advise and dicuss industry position on proposed legislation impacting you.
  • AND MORE...

With close to 100 years’ experience representing the Carolinas’ construction industry and a staff with over 250 years combined experience working with members, CAGC is an invaluable, easily accessible resource to our members and industry.

David Moser Testimonial PhotoWe had an issue dealing with a major utility and a damage claim. Working with CAGC's Utility Division Director we were able to negotiate a settlement that saved us over $10,000, around half of the original claim. Having access to experts in their field at CAGC is just one of the benefits that make membership well worth our investment in dues.

David Moser
Pipeline Utilities
Betsy Bailey
NC Gov't Relations
HR/Labor Relations
704-372-1450 x5725 
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Leslie B. Clark
SC Gov't Relations
704-372-1450 x5515
Leslie Clark Photo

Victor Barbour
NC Gov't Relations
704-372-1450 x5723
Victor Barbour

Bill Stricker
Workforce Dev., Safety
704-372-1450 x5213
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