Human Resources Committee

Comprised of a team of experienced HR & related professionals from a diverse and representative blend of CAGC member organization dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of the HR role and function throughout the Carolinas’ construction industry, the HR Committee helps identify/design/develop any Human Resource products or services that will be of value to Carolinas AGC member companies.

In addition, the HR Committee, along with CAGC’s Safety Committee co-hosts CAGC’s Annual HR/Safety Conference.  The HR section is designed specifically to bring workforce management personnel up-to-date on HR issues specific to the construction industry.  Whether you are a mom & pop company or a major corporation, the Conference will leave you with the information and resources necessary to help ensure you are compliant and getting the most out of your workforce. 


Focuses on developing human capital management products & services for members to better manage a productive, content workforce, and comply with state & federal regulations and requirements.

Eligibility: General Contractors and Specialty Contractors

Brandon LeanChairThalle Construction Companyblean@thalle.com1031918312440
Mary-Allyson ChauvinVice ChairLangston Construction Co. of Piedmont LLCmchauvin@langstonconstr.com40317838161
Linsey HackettMemberMonteith Construction Corp.lhackett@monteithco.com1603206481627
Linsey HackettMemberMonteith Construction Corp.lhackett@monteithco.com1603206481627
Sharon Burleson, PHR, SHRM-CPMemberFaulconer Construction Co., Inc.Sburleson@faulconerconstruction.com160321397197348
Angela PriceMemberDNB Electric, Inc.angela@dnbelectric.com160322256222949
Edith MurphyMemberWayne Brothers Companiesedith.murphy@waynebrothers.com160322494295
Katrina MarvinMemberCarolina Sunrock LLCkmarvin@thesunrockgroup.com1603227342177
Cinthia AvilaMemberHoopaugh Grading Companycinthiaa@hoopaughgrading.com160322804206653
Catrina De Leon EstevezMemberLee Construction Company of the Carolinas,
Cynthia A. OttMemberMSS Solutions,
Myra D. ThomasMemberCurtin Co.mthomas@curtinco.com160323609738
Sharri TrottierMemberHarper Corporation General ContractorsSTrottier@HarperGC.com16032461993
Sarah Anne WolfeMemberPalmetto Corp.swolfe@palmettocorp.com1603263318728
Claudia DodgenMemberCrowder Constructors Inc.cdodgen@crowderusa.com1601819060
Tamera EdwardsMemberMB Haynes Corporationtedwards@mbhaynes.com1602756141382
Ruby DubayMemberBlythe Construction, Inc.ruby.dubay@blytheconstruction.com16028426124
Megan StutsmanMemberAnson Construction Companymes@ansonconstruction.com160299557270
Michelle ReedMemberEldeco, Inc.mreed@eldecoinc.com1603096722356
Cynthia DunmireMemberClancy & Theys Construction Companycynthiadunmire@clancytheys.com160311066278997
Tracy MishoeMemberA. O. Hardee & Son, Inc.tracy@aohardee-son.com160312909265
Kim WeaverMemberPalmetto Corp.kweaver@palmettocorp.com1603136778728
John AnglinMemberYoung & McQueen Grading Co., Inc.janglin@youngmcqueen.com1603139807420
Robert BaugnonMemberConstruction Partners Inc.rbaugnon@constructionpartners.net160314124 
Tammy PetersonMemberDragados-USAtpeterson@dragados-usa.com160317223290236
Betsy BaileyStaff LiaisonCarolinas AGC, Inc.bbailey@carolinasagc.org3103114962642

HR Committee Goals

  • Develop and coordinate the Annual HR Conference to develop the skills of HR professionals and keep them updated on HR Legal trends and their impact on the construction workforce.
  • Develop/design Human Capital management products and services that will be of value to Carolinas AGC member companies in managing a productive, content workforce; as well as complying with the myriad of state and federal regulations and requirements associated with the same.
  • Meet throughout the year (typically quarterly at a minimum) to discuss and evaluate workforce HR trends to determine if new information or products need to be developed for use by member organizations.
  • Pro Employee/Union Free training initiatives for use by member companies as well as other resources.
  • Support and augment Work Force development and craft training initiatives and Project Supervision activities.
  • Provide member companies with construction specific human capital management resources and knowledge.