2022 HR and Safety Conference to be Held March 30 - April 1 in Myrtle Beach

The 2022 Carolinas AGC Foundation HR and Safety Conference will be held at the Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach.

As the construction climate continues to change, there has never been a more timely conference for HR and Safety professionals than this one. Don’t let your company be unknowingly exposed to overseeing agency investigations, employee lawsuits, or various administrative violations! Register to attend the 2022 Carolinas AGC Foundation HR and Safety Conference and gain the information and tools necessary to manage a compliant, safe and productive workforce.

Conference Features:

  • NEW! Mock OSHA Trial: An Extraordinary Learning Opportunity
    This is the first time CAGC has offered this type of unique learning experience in an actual trial simulation.  The case is based on an actual incident involving a fall from elevation where several trades were working in the same area.  Who has controlling responsibility? Are more than one company at fault? What will the final outcome be? These are just some of the questions to be answered in the trial.  The presentation, developed by Michael Lord of Williams Mullin Law Firm, promises to be an extraordinary learning opportunity for all who attend.

  • Artificial Intelligence ComputersNEW! AI-based Technology and Construction Group Build Models for Safety and Risk
    Come find out about the winner of the Innovator of the Year award (Dive Awards 2019), the Predictive Analytics Strategic Council and its study that will advance jobsite safety using analytics and artificial intelligence.

    Thirteen major contractors and an insurance firm have joined forces to help combat jobsite safety incidents. The artificial intelligence-based system from Smartvid.io, dubbed "Vinnie," aggregates information from each of the firms to help predict future incidents and hazards. Hear from Marty Laskey, Safety Director with founding council member, J. E. Dunn Construction about the council, the technology, and the eventual outcome of this joint effort.
  • Crucial ConversationsNEW! We are excited to offer a Crucial Conversations Workshop: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High from Randy Cobb with New Day Leadership on Wednesday, March 18.

    Conversations with opposing opinions and high stakes often bring about strong emotions.  They are also the types of conversations that too many of us avoid, or do not feel we are able to lead well.  This experience will help you gain the skills and perspectives needed to successfully lead “crucial conversations.” 

    Learn to: speak persuasively, not abrasively, foster teamwork and better decision making, build acceptance rather than resistance, resolve individual and group disagreements

  • HRCI Seal11 HRCI credits will be available! HR sessions will qualify for HRCI credits.  

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for managing or supervising employees, as well as those responsible for administering employee policies, procedures and paperwork.

Get relevant, timely information you need to take your company's workforce to the next level.

Event Location:

Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes
8400 Costa Verde Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29576
Phone: (800) 228-9290

Thank you to our sponsors!