2019 SC End of Session Report

Published on 6/4/2019
The first year of the 123rd South Carolina General Assembly has adjourned and below is a recap of the bills Carolinas AGC supported and/or acted on during the 2019 legislative session.
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Be Pro Be Proud Initiative Approved in SC

Published on 5/29/2019
CAGC is proud to be the only commercial construction association involved in successfully pushing for state funding for a critical skilled trades initiative. It won’t be long before SC sees an 18-wheeler, mobile skilled trades workshop.
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Berry Jenkins to Retire

Published on 4/9/2019
In bittersweet news, Carolinas AGC announces the retirement of Berry Jenkins, who has served as Carolinas AGC’s North Carolina Highway-Heavy/Government Relations Director for 22 years, on May 6th.
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AGCA: Proposal to create new temporary worker visa system

Published on 3/19/2019
AGC of America: Proposal to create new temporary worker Visa system for construction and other industries will boost economy, cut illegal immigration.
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New Overtime Proposal

Published on 3/12/2019
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) unveiled its new overtime proposal in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), which would update the salary threshold according to which workers are entitled to overtime compensation.
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