To bring about necessary change in our construction industry in the Carolinas, we must take a grassroots approach to make our voices heard. Carolinas AGC, AGC of America and ARTBA are working hard to watch our for the industry interests in local, state and national levels of government. The most powerful influence comes from the people in the industry itself though and we know that collective efforts and collective voices do affect legislation and regulations.

Please make yourself a part of a strong voice in the halls of legislatures by participating in our advocacy campaigns, contacting your elected officials and signing up for our legislative alerts.

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Take Action - Tell Your Representative to Vote for the IIJA and to Press the House Leadership for a Final Passage by Oct. 31

The current short-term extension of federal transportation funding expires Oct. 31. The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA), which includes a robust five-year reauthorization of the highway and public transit programs, overwhelmingly passed the Senate in August with 69 votes but is still awaiting House action.

The industry needs your grassroots leadership to help ensure final passage of IIJA and prevent more short-term extensions. Please visit the ARTBA Grassroots Action Center and contact your member of the House via email and Twitter TODAY.

Urge them to vote for the IIJA and to press the House leadership for a final passage by Oct. 31.

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Take Action - Tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

A record-setting construction investment bill—the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill—just needs to pass the House before it can be signed into law. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding it hostage until she can pass a very different, $3.5 trillion “human” infrastructure bill.

Thousands of construction jobs and projects are one the line. Not only will further delay impede a wide variety of new projects from hitting the street to bid, but funding for ongoing construction projects is also in jeopardy. If the bipartisan infrastructure bill does not pass before September 30, the federal-aid highway and transit construction programs will expire, causing a slowdown and eventual end to federal payments to states for transportation construction projects already underway.

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Take Action - Stop Construction Materials Price Surge.

As construction materials remain at record high prices and face continued availability challenges, President Biden and Congress are taking actions to make things worse.  Meanwhile, construction firms around the country are absorbing these costs—which would better be invested in recruiting and retaining construction workers—without significant relief in sight. That’s why AGC needs you to tell President Biden and Congress to take actions to improve the construction supply chain, not make it worse.

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