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Carolinas AGC Pinnacle Awards

The nomination process for the 2023 Pinnacle Awards has now closed. Winners will be announced Saturday, January 27, 2024!

The most prestigious recognition in the Carolinas construction industry honors the work of general contractors and their projects' key partners.

A panel of CAGC member representatives evaluates - in confidence - the work of their peers. The presentation of the Pinnacle Awards is celebrated at CAGC's Annual Convention finale evening, shining a light on our industry's best projects of the year.

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2022 Pinnacle Winners
Construction Excellence Winners

How It Works - 2 Types of Awards

Project Awards

A general contractor submits any number of projects, completed within the previous 12 months, to be considered for a Pinnacle Award in the below categories.(NOTE: The general contractor must hold a CAGC General Contractor membership; if the project is a joint-venture , all general contractors named on the joint-venture must hold CAGC General Contractor memberships as well.)

Best Building Project

  • Under $5,000,000
  • $5,000,000 and over

Best Highway-Heavy Project

  • Under $5,000,000
  • $5,000,000 and over

Best Utility Project

  • Under $3,000,000
  • $3,000,000 and over

Projects are Evaluated on:

  • Unique Aspects
  • Special Values
  • Special Challenges
  • Project Management
  • Budget/Schedule
  • Safety Performance
What items will you need to enter a project for consideration? 
  1. The General Contractor will submit a narrative (.doc or .docx, max wordcount 1,200) explaining why this project deserves a Pinnacle Award.
  2. The General Contractor will also submit jobsite photographs (up to 5 photos) for each of their own projects to be considered for an award. SUGGESTION: submit at least one photo of the finished project, and several photos of the project job site while under construction. 
  3. Two (2) letters of Reference will also be required, from either the Project Architect, Project Engineer, or Project Owner. 

The General Contractor also will have the optional opportunity to submit information on up to 3 subcontractors, suppliers, service companies, or designers whose contribution was critical to the project's exemplary nature and success, deemed as Key Partners. If the project wins, these Key Partners will be honored with Pinnacle Partner Awards. Subcontractor, supplier and service companies must also be CAGC members. 

Build with the Best Award

The distinguished Build with the Best (BWTB) Award honors the contributions of a non-contractor individual for his or her role in advancing the construction industry and the overall Carolinas economic welfare, whether from outside the industry altogether or from our own Carolinas AGC supplier/service company membership sector.

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