Pinnacle Awards

Pinnacle AwardsPublicity for Winners

Carolinas AGC helps winners of the Pinnacle Award gain maximum marketing mileage from their award.

  • Immediately following the presentation of the Pinnacle Awards, all winners are announced on the web site, the Weekly NewsBreak!, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • These items also feature a link to each winner's web site.
  • Carolinas AGC sends news releases on the Pinnacle Award winners to Carolinas industry and business publications.
  • News releases are e-mailed to each winner so they can adapt for other promotional uses.
  • Carolinas AGC provides a menu of suggestions for each winner to leverage their win for greater marketing mileage, including many suggested by previous winners.
  • We offer full-size or junior-size replicas of the Pinnacle Award for winners for purchase to give to important partners such as their owner, architect, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.
  • Pinnacle Awards logo artwork (camera-ready or digital) is made available to each winner.