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HCSSToday's Field to Office Tech - Why You Should Be Paying Attention - 9/17/2021: 

Carolinas AGC teamed up with HCSS on Friday, September 17, 2021 for the latest presentation in our Technology Connect and Learn Series. John Cappello delivered a fantastic presentation "Today's Field to Office Tech - Why You Should Be Paying Attention." 
In our industry over the last 10-15 years, access to office and project documents, project and systems data and collaborative communication platforms has become critical. Now consider how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that need!

Companies that have not yet deployed cloud-based, collaborative systems and/or those that may need to continue their transition to these data and communication hubs should pay attention.

Communications and data sharing between the field and office i.e., headquarters, remote office, field offices, traveling employees or even a broader distributed team on some projects has never been more important. 

Topics Covered

Tech use and standardization of terminology:
  • Approaching technology as a ROI-driven business decision.
  • Standard common tech terms (OS, Web app, Mobile app, Native app, etc).
  • The Cloud - The when and why.
  • World of WIFI (hotspots and extenders).  

Different Roles/People may need different tech:
  • In-office roles vs. in-the-field roles and needs around access, technology and devices.
  • Who and why different roles/people may resist and how to assist and foster positive, productive implementation of tech tools.
  • Buy the tech to fit your needs rather than forcing the wrong tech and setting people up to be unhappy.

  • The right tech drives data-based decision making.
  • Do the research to deploy the right tech at the right time.
  • Funny yet horrifying stories of tech gone wrong.


John Cappello with HCSS will help present the technology you should consider including infrastructure, software, apps and even field and office hardware/devices to be able to work as efficiently and securely as possible.

John CappelloJohn has been with HCSS going on 10 years.  He has been selling software to construction companies for 6 of those years, and in the course of his career he has had thousands of conversations around tech.  Prior to working for HCSS John sold technology driven solutions to businesses helping them form their overall technology stack.  The hardware he sold ran the spectrum of phones, tablets, printers, computers, and high end business grade servers.  Having that balance of software and hardware knowledge qualified him well to speak on today’s topic.  

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9/17/2021 Technology Connect and Learn: Today's Field to Office Tech

Webinar Recording: Vaccine Mandates and How to Improve Vaccination Rates

More than 100 people attended CAGC’s virtual webinar on Thursday, September 2 to learn the legal ramifications of vaccine mandates and how some construction companies are encouraging their employees to get vaccinated.  Mark Stubley, an employment law attorney and shareholder at Ogletree Deakins, Claudia Dodgen, VP of Employee Services and People Development at Crowder Constructors and Robert Baugnon, VP Personnel at Construction Partners, Inc., were presenters for the webinar. 

Mark provided a thorough overview of what employers legally can and can’t do regarding mandating vaccines for their employees.  He said many employers, such as the federal government, are moving to mandate vaccinations and federal EEO laws do not prohibit policies requiring all employees to receive a vaccination.  However, Mark cautioned that all policies must comply with the reasonable accommodation provisions of ADA and Title VII. “If an employee asks for an accommodation, employers must follow a consistent process for handling accommodation requests that allows you to defend against a claim down the road,” he said.  However, Mark added that if an owner requires vaccinations on their jobsites, they don’t have any obligation to accommodate your employees.  Based on the vaccine tracking at Crowder and Construction Partners, the vaccination rate is around 40%.  “Crowder seems to have hit a wall at around 43%,” Claudia said. 

Following Mark’s presentation all three panelists fielded questions from participants.  Both Claudia and Robert acknowledged that infection rates (from the Delta variant) were up at their jobsites despite the vaccine and frequent testing.  “What we are seeing now is worse than at the height of the pandemic,” Robert said. “The scary part is the rate of hospitalizations being much higher than they were before.”  When asked about the cost of hospitalizations both Robert and Claudia agreed that these costs could range from $10k to $100k for a regular stay.  But for those that must be admitted to the ICU, the range could be anywhere from $100k to $500k. 

All three panelists agreed that some of the best ways to encourage vaccinations is to 1) lead by example 2) educate and communicate and 3) continue to host frequent vaccine clinics.  Another powerful motivator that is having an impact for both Crowder and Construction Partners is sharing employee testimonials from those who have been sick.  “The more our employees hear from their co-workers who have been sick, what it’s like to be hospitalized, maybe we can move the needle”, said Robert. 

Vaccine mandates by owners will present challenges for contractors as more and more owners move in this direction.  Claudia confirmed that even if you haven’t seen them yet, these mandates are coming – especially since the federal government has already placed vaccine mandates on onsite contractors.  “We want to do what’s best for our employees.  But for your own safety and health and for the safety and health of those around you, everyone please get the vaccine.” 

Webinar Speakers

  • Mark Stubley, Partner with Olgetree Deakins, will be providing our members with the facts surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination mandates and what is currently happening.
  • Claudia Dodgen, VP Employee Services and People Development at Crowder
  • Robert Baugnon, VP Personnel with Construction Partners, Inc.

Watch the Recording

  9/2/2021 Webinar: Vaccine Mandates and How to Improve Vaccination Rates