Project SuperVISION® - Recognition Process

The Project SuperVISION® recognition mission is to:
  • Encourage talented people to pursue a professional supervisory career in the construction industry;
  • Retain current supervisors and encourage development and continuous improvement in their skills and knowledge;
  • Recognize and reward outstanding performers for their efforts and contributions to member firms and the construction industry in general.

This approach recognizes that good supervisors develop their competencies through a combination of: on the job training and experience; formal education; specialized continuing education; and energetic leaders and role models. Achieving recognition is a thorough process to assure that the highest standards are maintained and that requirements are established with fairness and careful study.

For anyone currently performing as a construction supervisor, the program can increase your visibility and project opportunities. For aspiring newcomers to the industry considering a professional career in construction, the supervision program will give you the tools needed to learn, grow, and manage your career objectives. While achieving recognition at any level will not guarantee a persons' employment or compensation objectives, it will offer a number of opportunities to influence their career development within the construction industry.