The ROC – Reducing the Workforce Shortage & Transforming Construction’s Next Generation 

Want Some Good News about the Next Generation’s Future in Construction? Visit The ROC in Charlotte.  

Sharon Walters, Carolinas AGC
December 7, 2022

The ROC LogoHave you been to The ROC? If you haven’t had a chance to visit or find out about it, make time - because what’s happening there is transformational for the community and our industry.

On November 15th, around lunchtime, I visited the state-of-the-art training facility located on Allegheny Street right across from Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology. Students from the academy were coming in, chatting with each other, and getting settled to hear from a local Contractor about the work they do. Every single student I walked past proactively approached me, introduced themselves, and welcomed me to the facility. That’s a part of what they are learning in this program – confidence, communications, and presentation - those soft skills that are critical to successful careers. They are also learning the trades – and that’s the good news for our firms, and our industry. 

This Charlotte-based facility & program name stands for “Rebuilding Opportunities in Construction” and serves Charlotte-area High School students. The mission is to educate and mentor students for technical education and career opportunities in the construction industry. 

Learn about The ROC in 3 minutes

Two pathways serve High School Juniors and Seniors from participating CMS schools, ROC College and ROC Direct. In both programs, students spend the first half of their day in core classes at their High School and then attend the ROC for career and technical training in the afternoon.

ROC College is a two-year accredited enrollment program that offers dual High School and College credits and focuses on skills training, career exploration, career focus areas and paid summer internships through local construction companies. The year after the program, graduates have the opportunity to go directly into a well-paying career in the industry or complete their associates degree (with access to a scholarship program) with CPCC. Additionally, those who complete that degree will have the opportunity to go on to a 4-year college if they choose.

ROC Direct prepares students to join the construction technology field full-time, directly after high school graduation. ROC Direct participants receive job readiness coaching from ROC staff and the opportunity for paid summer internships as well.

At the heart of the facility is a large workshop for hands-on technical skills training, and lunchtime gathering space to hear from local contractors about the industry and specific trades. The surrounding labs and classrooms are set up with smartboards and classrooms equipped for BIM training.

If you would like to get engaged with the ROC or learn more about the program, visit their website, donate, or volunteer.

Photos courtesy of The Roc.

ROC Building

ROC Entrance

ROC Computer Lab



Hands on learning at the ROC
Hands on learning at the ROC
Hands on learning at the ROC