Is Your CAGC Membership a Part of Your Organization’s Total Compensation Program?

September 14, 2016

By Michele King, CoreHR and Carolinas AGC member

Michele Juba KingMore than ever, employers are having to know and act on the factors that make their company appealing to candidates, making it easy for prospects to choose them over their competition.  Ultimately it is the culture of the organization and the total compensation program that differentiate one employer from another. 

While most employers can recite their direct, indirect and non-financial compensation plans if you are reading this, there's one benefit you are paying that might not be getting the full credit it deserves.   It falls under the category of professional development and carries lots of importance in the ability to acquire and keep talent.

For many, especially younger generations, having the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally is highly-valued. It is a key consideration when deciding where to work.

As a member of the CAGC, you have an opportunity to develop your employees through a plethora of activities that include face-to-face networking, workforce training, certification, safety education, knowledge of legislation affecting business, labor relations, and human resources programs. Whether it is involvement in the young leader's programs, participation on a committee or attendance at conferences, all count as employee development and part of your total compensation program.

Every contractor and subcontractor that is a member of the CAGC should be using their membership, training, programs, events and conferences in their indirect and non-financial compensation strategies.

Take the time to identify those areas and positions in your organization where involvement and participation in CAGC activities best serve your organization.  By being a CAGC member, you have a competitive advantage when marketing personal and professional development opportunities to prospective candidates and making such opportunities a part of your professional development program.  Moreover, there are ways to measure your return on investment, and the impact participation in the CAGC has on job performance.

In certain circumstances, professional development opportunities might be considered more valuable to an employee than a high wage.  Such opportunities are certain to make the job more satisfying and enjoyable.

Remember to include Carolinas AGC membership in your organization's total compensation program.

Michele King is principal consultant of CoreHR, and specializes in recruitment and retention strategies. Among her many volunteer positions at CAGC, she also serves on the CAGC Board of Directors and on the CAGC Safety/HR Committee. Michele can be reached at 704-973-5651 or