Dean Wilson

As I look back at the history of CAGC, I am in awe of all the great accomplishments of this organization! CAGC has delivered a positive impact because of the great people affiliated with our group including members, talented staff, great chairs and boards of directors both past and present. Great people and great leadership have paved the way for us. Our people are the brick and mortar of this organization, and I am very honored and grateful for the opportunity you all have given to me to serve as your 2024 CAGC Board Chair.

As you know, the past 6 chairmen have had theme songs. I will admit that choosing a meaningful song has been a stressor for me. After listening to many songs and driving my wife crazy, “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts resonated with me when it comes to this organization and our industry.

“Life is a Highway” symbolizes the path we all travel throughout our lives. We can all relate to this in both our businesses and in our personal lives. The chorus line, “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long” emphasizes the idea of embracing the journey and making the most of every moment. Those words speak to our industry and the past 103 years of positive impact delivered by our talented organization.

CAGC has had its ups and downs through the years, but we have always shown the ability to adapt and adjust. Our group is currently in its prime, but even the greatest of organizations face challenges. When presented with those challenges, we have proven that we can rise to the occasion and successfully overcome them together. This collective resiliency inspires confidence for the new year and years to come. 

Looking ahead into a new year, Carolinas AGC will continue to expand and improve on the many successes seen in 2023 including those mentioned in Mark Johnnie’s outgoing member address last week.

I hope all members are as excited as I am regarding the upcoming 100+ membership events starting this month in St. Thomas at our CAGC Winter Convention where nearly 500 members have already registered! In addition to the dozens of local events held throughout both North and South Carolina during the year (Donuts with Contractors, luncheons, Connect networking events, and more), be sure to mark your calendars for these CAGC signature events:

Check the CAGC Events Calendar often as additional events will be added throughout the year.

One of the most exciting new member benefits in 2024 is the rollout of the CAGC Association Health Plan for members in both Carolinas. By banding together under large group plans, we’re now able to offer Health, Dental, and Vision policies. Leveraging the large group plans gives CAGC members access to lower rates than those available in the traditional market. Our partner, Cobbs Allen, has been working very closely with Blue Cross Blue Shield NC (BCBS NC) and Blue Cross Blue Shield SC (BCBS SC) to obtain access to the best possible health care plans. For information on the health plans check out the CAGC Health Plan website.

In closing, making the most of every moment truly defines what we all do each day in this industry. We build roadways and bridges to connect people and communities as well as pathways for first responders to help others and keep us all safe. We build water and sewer infrastructure to maintain the essentials for living. We build educational buildings to teach and train people, and we build structures that house people who make a difference in the world with the work they do helping others. We, as members of CAGC, greatly impact the communities where we live, work, and build. It is a great time to be a part of this awesome industry—this is our highway so let’s ride it together into the future!