Carolinas AGC works hard to make sure our software security and procedures are continuously updated and meet the PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards. 
Due to our scheduled system update, user passwords for our website now must contain the following:

  • Must contain at least seven characters, 
  • Must include at least one numeric character, and
  • Must include at least one alphabetic character.

Please review your password now to make sure it meets the requirements above.
  • If it does, you are all set and there is no need to change anything.
  • If it does not, please reset now by either method below:
  1. Go to the Sign in page: Login, and click on your name at the top of the page to go to your profile. A link to change your password will be on the left below your company information.

  2. OR: Go to the sign in page: Click “Forgot my password” and enter your username. You’ll receive a link to reset your password.