There are a few changes on our Carolinas AGC Board of Directors:

James Mitchell, Jr.

David HamiltonJames MitchellEffective May 1st, David Hamilton, Project Executive with Batson-Cook Construction, Inc., in Charlotte, will be succeeded by James Mitchell, Jr., President of R.J. Leeper Construction in Charlotte. Mr. Hamilton, who is currently serving on an At-Large seat on the CAGC BOD,  is leaving Batson-Cook Construction at the end of April. “I am taking a position with Charles Perry Partners, Inc (CPPI) in Savannah, Georgia starting in May,” Mr. Hamilton said.  “Since I will be leaving Batson-Cook and the Carolinas, I must resign my board position effective April 30, 2021.” Mr. Hamilton has done an excellent job on our BOD since joining it last year and previously as CAGC Membership Committee Chair the prior 2 years.

Meantime, the CAGC Building Division recommended to the BOD that Mr. Mitchell succeed Mr. Hamilton in his current three-year term on the Board that ends in 2023. The BOD approved the appointment in a vote this week. Prior to joining R.J. Leeper Construction, Mr. Mitchell worked as Senior Business Development Manager at JE Dunn for four years and Director of Business Development at Barton Malow for three years. Aside from his experience in the construction industry, Mr. Mitchell has served as a public servant for over 20 years and is a former councilman for the City of Charlotte.  

Scott Fant

Marty McKeeScott FantThe CAGC BOD, at its last meeting on April 7, approved a recommendation by the CAGC Highway-Heavy Division for Scott Fant, Vice President of Business Development of Sloan Construction in Duncan, SC, to succeed Marty McKee, Vice President of SCDOT Projects at King Asphalt in Liberty, SC. The BOD unanimously approved the recommendation at its meeting that Mr. Fant, a former CAGC BOD Chair, succeed Mr. McKee, also a former CAGC BOD Chair, as Chair of CAGC’s Highway-Heavy Division, effective April 7 and through the remainder of the year.  Mr. McKee, who had been serving as interim Highway-Heavy Division Chair following the death of Division Chair Richard Nickel in June 2020, stepped down from the BOD earlier this month because CAGC’s bylaws state that only one CAGC member company representative can serve on the BOD at the same time. Casey Schwager, CAGC BOD Chair, told the BOD earlier this month that he no longer was employed by Sloan Construction Co. and that he began working for King Asphalt, Inc., on March 29, 2021.

The BOD shuffle should result in a seamless transition where its excellence will continue, Mr. Schwager said. “Having the opportunity to serve on the BOD for many years, and working with a lot of strong teams, I feel like this latest lineup of the BOD will continue that tradition of strong leadership in CAGC. We would like to thank Marty McKee for his long service to date on the BOD as well as for our friendship and mentorship over our years of working together. We would also like to thank David Hamilton for his dedication, not only to CAGC BOD, but as Chair of the Membership Committee. As always, Scott Fant is there when CAGC needs him.”