Mark Johnnie

As the grandson and son of two heavy civil builders, construction and AGC have always been important parts of my life (some would argue it is my life!). Not so long ago when asked why AGC membership was important, my answer was always “because membership is just part of the business.” My view about membership changed dramatically while I was in college and after I received an unexpected and much- needed scholarship from AGC’s Construction Education Foundation.

Since that act of kindness and support, my response to the “why AGC” question changed to “AGC is the perfect choice to support and give back to industry that’s meant so much to my way of life. Belonging to and participating with the Carolinas AGC is a dream come true. It’s provided me with every opportunity I could ask for to give back to our industry, and as important, to give back to the wonderful contracting community that calls the Carolinas ‘home.’” 

In the 100+ years of its remarkable existence, CAGC has successfully navigated internal and external highs and lows. Currently, the Association is as healthy as it’s ever been and continues to work very hard to support our way of life. 

In fact, with CAGC’s support, 2022 saw extraordinary success with transportation funding in both North Carolina and South Carolina. As an example, the State Capital Infrastructure fund in North Carolina enjoyed unprecedented funding that will support much-needed projects well into the future.

Exceptional funding, coupled with workforce shortages, have focused CAGC on workforce development.  With CAGC support, Be Pro Be Proud skilled trades mobile workshop vehicles are now operating in both South Carolina and North Carolina.  In addition, the CAGC Foundation was the recipient of important grants that will support the Construction Business Academy along with other workforce development programs. And then there’s the CAGC Young Leader Group which I believe is one of CAGC’s most important groups. CAGC’s future and the future of the industry truly sits with our Young Leaders.

So, where do we go from here?  I think Fleetwood Mac’s immortal song “Don’t Stop” says it all. “Don’t Stop” doing the good things the Association does now and “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow” as it’s truly the work the Association is doing today that will prepare us for success tomorrow. 

Finally, it is an honor and privilege to serve as your Chair and I look forward to a successful and rewarding 2023.