Construction and Supplier Firms Invited to Join or Renew Carolinas AGC at 10% Discount

Enroll in CAGC's new EZ Renew for You Autorenewal Program to save 10% on Your 2022/2023 Membership

Carolinas AGC is proud to announce our new EZ Renew Autorenewal program, making joining and continuing to be a CAGC member year after year even easier. All firms who chose to become members from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023 are eligible to enroll in the EZ Renew for You Program and to take advantage of a one-time, 10% savings opportunity. The new program and discount opportunity make it the perfect time to become a member of the CAGC Family.

“The new EZ Renew for You Program is one of the many benefits and savings opportunities we offer CAGC Members,” said Dave Simpson, President and CEO of Carolinas AGC. “Many times, CAGC Members find our member savings opportunities more than pay for the cost of membership.” 

The program became available July 1, 2022 for non-members who join the association and will remain available until June 30, 2023. Existing members will become eligible during their renewal process beginning July 1, 2022.

Program Benefits & Savings

The EZ Renew for You program is a new benefit and savings opportunity Carolinas AGC is now offering our members. The optional program is easy to use and affords companies several benefits, including: 

  • One-time, 10% discount on annual membership (up to $1,700 in savings) 
  • Uninterrupted membership benefits without the worry of lapses 
  • Secured, PCI compliant encryption for handling account information 
  • Reduced administrative time for the renewal process 

How to Get Started

  • Members can enroll in EZ Renew for You during their dues renewal process beginning three months prior to their membership expiration.
  • The program will become available to all members three months prior to their membership expiration. 

More Information

  • Mike Austell, Director, Business Development: 704-372-1450, ext. 5289 
  • Jacob Garmon, Director of Safety, Suppliers & Sponsorships: 704-372-1450, ext. 5222 
  • Lawson Pope, Director of Membership: 704-372-1450, ext. 5214