Lawson Pope

Lori McGovern and Lawson Pope Take on New Roles

Congratulations to CAGC’s Lawson Pope, who on October 26, 2019, became the CAGC Membership Director, overseeing our recruitment/retention efforts as well as continuing in his current role in recruiting new specialty contractor and general contractor members as part of our top-notch membership team of Mike Austell and Jacob Garmon. Lawson is also overseeing the CAGC Membership Committee. 

Lori McGovernLori McGovern, who previously served in this position since 2012, now serves as the CAGC Communications Manager, a part-time position which will allow her time to enjoy her new home in Sunset, SC, with her recently retired husband. Lori will continue managing the Pinnacle Awards, Weekly NewsBreak, CAGC magazine, CAGC Directory & Buyers Guide, and other communications projects throughout the year. 

“We look forward to Lori and Lawson continuing their excellent work in their new positions that will help CAGC bolster its communication efforts as well as provide strong focus on our top-notch Membership Team that also includes  Mike Austell, Jacob Garmon and Carolyn Reynolds,” said Dave Simpson, CAGC President & CEO. 

CAGC’s Betsy Bailey Wins Raleigh Dingman Scholarship

Betsy BaileyCongratulations to CAGC’s Betsy Bailey, who serves as the Director of NC Government Relations & Building, for being selected as the recipient of the Association Executives of North Carolina’s Raleigh Dingman Scholarship for the 2019-2020 membership year. This scholarship awards $1,500 to be used towards tuition for the first year at the Institute for Organization Management, administered by the US Chamber of Commerce. She will be recognized at the AENC 2019 Fall Conference & Luncheon in November. The Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC) provides professional development and networking opportunities and fosters recognition and respect for the association management profession. Members include CEOs and staff of associations across North Carolina, and representatives from the association service and hospitality industries.