And the Chapter of the Year Award Goes To… Carolinas AGC!  

September 23, 2019

CAGC Earns Chapter of the Year AwardEveryone loves to be honored for their outstanding efforts—even Carolinas AGC! And thanks to the support from our incredible members, Carolinas AGC was able to capture the AGC of America Chapter of the Year Award in the large/over $2.5M category. This is the second win for CAGC, also capturing the title in 1999. (Most chapters—89 in total—never win Chapter of the Year once let alone twice!)

The AGC of America Chapter of the Year Award recognizes chapters that have developed outstanding programming and excelled at achieving tangible accomplishments during the calendar year. Chapters are recognized in three categories: small (under $1M); medium ($1M – under $2.5M); and large (over $2.5M). 

Examples of what made CAGC stand out in 2019 include:

  • The major expansion of the Build Your Career program
  • Big wins in the legislative arenas which positively impacted the construction industry
  • Growth in the CAGC Young Leaders group
  • More than ninety events with record-breaking attendance
  • New diversity initiatives
  • Growth in the CAGC budget
  • Relocation of our Charlotte office to better-suited space for the needs of our members and staff.
CAGC Chapter of the Year 2019

Read the Carolinas AGC Chapter of the Year entry for a full account of CAGC successes.

AGC President Dirk Elsperman presented CAGC President and CEO Dave Simpson and CAGC Executive Committee Members Paul Mashburn, Casey Schwager, Charlie Wilson and Mark Johnnie, with the distinguished award during the 2019 National and Chapter Leadership Conference on Monday, September 23rd, at the AGC Chapter Awards Dinner at Union Station in Washington, DC.

“What a great honor and team effort by our CAGC Board of Directors, our Foundation Trustees, our staff and our 800-company member family," said President and CEO Dave Simpson. 

We’re grateful to our members who support CAGC’s initiatives, participate in our programs, and make the Carolinas’ construction industry such an amazing environment to work in.