Carolinas AGC is ramping up our meetings and events to include quarterly luncheons and other networking events throughout the Carolinas, bringing top business, industry and political leaders to provide information to help our members’ businesses. As members and nonmembers alike continue to realize the value of these meetings and events, participation continues to grow. Not only will we have the outstanding keynote addresses and networking opportunities our supporters value, we’ll also have a lot of fun along the way.

“No other organization in the Carolinas is offering these kind of quality meetings with substance and networking opportunities to help build our members’ business,” said Paul Mashburn, Chair of CAGC’s Board of Directors. “Where’s Carolinas AGC in the Carolinas? We’re everywhere.”

Many of our meetings are selling out fast with huge turnouts including our annual Summer Summit with nearly 700 attendees!

Our quarterly events will be held in these areas:

South Carolina: Lowcountry, Central, and Upstate Districts.

North Carolina:
 Triangle, Piedmont, Eastern, Western, and Triad  Districts.

Save the Dates for Upcoming Meetings!

What are you waiting for? Register for our remaining 2018 events or save the date for a 2019 event near you, today! Visit our calendar for more information.

Please note, this list is tentative. Dates and times are subject to change as the year progresses. Please visit our events calendar for the most up-to-date information. Additional events are being planned and added all the time!

January Events

  • January 7:  Lowcountry Luncheon (Charleston, SC)
  • January 16: Eastern Luncheon (Goldsboro, NC)
  • January 17: Piedmont Connect Event (Charlotte, NC)
  • January 24: Young Leader Connect Event (Charleston, SC)
  • January 23- January 27 : CAGC Annual Convention (Charleston, SC)
  • January 29: SC Legislative Day (Columbia, SC)

February Events

  • February 4: Upstate Luncheon (Greenville, SC)
  • February 7: Western Connect Event (Asheville, NC)
  • February 11: Central Luncheon (Columbia, SC)
  • February 13: Piedmont Luncheon (Charlotte, NC)
  • February 19: Lowcountry Connect Event (Charleston, SC)
  • February 21: Young Leader Kick Off Event (Charlotte, NC)
  • February 27: Triad Luncheon (Greensboro, NC)

March Events

  • March 6: Western Luncheon (Asheville, NC)
  • March 7: Sandhills Connect (Fayetteville, NC)
  • March 7: Young Leader Luncheon (Raleigh, NC)
  • March 13: Triangle Luncheon (Raleigh, NC)
  • March 14: Young Leader Luncheon (Charlotte, NC)
  • March 20: Piedmont Connect Event (Charlotte, NC)
  • March 21: Triad Connect Event (Greensboro, NC)
  • March 21: Young Leader Luncheon (Columbia, SC)
  • March 27-29: HR & Safety Conference (Myrtle Beach, SC)

April Events

  • April 1: Lowcountry luncheon (Charleston, SC)
  • April 9: Upstate Baseball Outing (Greenville, SC)- Greenville Drive Baseball Field
  • April 10: Piedmont Baseball Outing (Charlotte, NC)- BB&T Ballpark 
  • April 11: Triangle Baseball Outing (Raleigh, NC)- Durham Bulls Baseball Field
  • April 24: Cape Fear Luncheon (Wilmington, NC)

May Events

  • TBD: NC Legislative Day (Raleigh, NC)
  • May 1: Central District Baseball Outing (Columbia, SC)- Fireflies Stadium
  • May 8: Piedmont Luncheon (Charlotte, NC)
  • May 9: Upstate Connect Event (Greenville, SC)
  • May 10: CAGC Foundation Golf Benefit (Greenville, SC)- The Preserves at Verdae
  • May 14: Lowcountry Baseball Outing (Charleston, SC) – Riverdogs Baseball Satdium
  • May 16: Western Connect Event (Asheville, NC)
  • May 20: Central luncheon (Columbia, SC)
  • May 22: Triad Luncheon (Greensboro, NC)

June Events

  • June 3: Upstate Luncheon (Greenville, SC)
  • June 5: Western Luncheon (Asheville, NC)
  • June 6: Young Leader Whitewater Center Event (Charlotte, NC)
  • June 12: Triangle luncheon (Raleigh, NC)
  • June 13: Piedmont Connect (Charlotte, NC)

July Events

  • July 25- 28: Summer Summit & Expo (Asheville, NC)- Grove Park Inn

August Events

  • August 15: Young Leader Luncheon (Raleigh, NC)
  • August 19: Central luncheon (Columbia, SC)
  • August 21: Eastern luncheon (Goldsboro, NC)
  • August 22: Young Leader Luncheon (Charlotte, NC)
  • August 26: Upstate luncheon (Greenville, SC)
  • August 28: Triad luncheon (Greensboro, NC)
  • August 29: Young Leader Luncheon (Columbia, SC)

September Events

  • September 10: Central Connect (Columbia, SC)
  • September 11: Piedmont luncheon (Charlotte, NC)
  • September 18: Triangle luncheon (Raleigh, NC)
  • September 20: Young Leader Community Service Project
  • September 23: Lowcountry luncheon (Charleston, SC)
  • September 25: Western Luncheon (Asheville, NC)
  • TBD: Eastern Reception & Dinner: Barnhill (Rocky Mount, NC)

October Events

  • October 1: Sandhills Connect (Fayetteville, NC)
  • October 3: Piedmont Connect (Charlotte, NC)
  • October 8: Triangle Connect (Raleigh, NC)
  • October 9: Western Connect (Asheville, NC)
  • October 11: Sporting Clays Championship
  • October 15: Cape Fear Reception & Dinner (Wilmington, NC)
  • October 22: Triad Connect (Greensboro, NC)
  • October 23: Upstate Connect (Greenville, SC)
  • October 28: SCPAC Golf Tournament (Blythewood, SC)- Cobblestone Golf Course

November Events

  • November 5: Piedmont Connect (Charlotte, NC)
  • November 11: Upstate Luncheon (Greenville, SC)
  • November 13: Triad Luncheon (Greensboro, NC)
  • November 14: Young Leader Leadership Conference (Charlotte, NC)
  • November 18: Central luncheon (Columbia, SC)
  • November 19: Lowcountry Reception & Dinner (Charleston, SC)

December Events

  • December 4: Piedmont luncheon (Charlotte, NC)
  • December 11: Triangle luncheon (Raleigh, NC)