On March 15, voters will go to the polls to decide their support for an investment of $2.0 billion in our universities, community colleges, utilities, National Guard armories, parks and agricultural facilities.  These critical, desperately needed projects will have a profound impact on NC’s construction industry creating jobs and economic opportunity that extends to General Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and others that benefit from a strong construction economy.

Because of our industry’s direct stake in the positive outcome of this referendum, CAGC is a proud supporter of the Connect NC Bond Campaign pledging to raise $500,000 to be used for outreach and education to voters on the importance of the bond projects.

Each of the CAGC Bond Campaign Steering Committee members listed below has pledged to raise $25,000 for the bond campaign.  But, it’s going to take much more than this to reach our goal of raising $500,000 in contributions from the construction industry and time is running out.

Here’s how you can help.  If you are a General Contractor that may directly benefit from these projects, please consider joining our steering committee and, like your colleagues, support our efforts with an individual pledge to raise $25,000. Others, including subcontractors and suppliers, should consider a direct donation to the Connect NC Bond Campaign (https://www.voteyestoinvest.com/) or contact one of our steering committee members and pledge your support for their efforts.

NC has not passed a statewide bond referendum since 2000.  Although polls show strong support for the bond, that support hinges on the informed voter coming to the polls.  Already, there is organized opposition to the bonds and misinformation is spreading.  Aggressive outreach is needed to ensure that voters have the correct information about the projects, understand the strong financial justification for investing now and realize the positive benefits that affect ALL of North Carolina, urban and rural, from the coast to the mountains.

Your financial support, TODAY, will help ensure the successful passage of this referendum.  If not now, we may not get this opportunity again for another 15 years.


Scott Cutler

Clancy and Theys

CAGC Building Division Chair 2016/Fundraising Chair

 CAGC Connect NC Bond Fundraising Committee:
 Sam Hunter
T.A. Loving
 Donnie Oldham
Sanford Contractors
 Bob Glusenkamp
Rodgers Builders
 Tim Wilson
Balfour Beatty
 Allen Jones
Marty Moser
Barnhill Contracting Company