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CWDP- Construction Workforce Development Professional Course

Registration is OPEN !

NCCER Construction Workforce Development Professional Certification PREP Course
(16 week NCCER certification prep course)

Cost: $1,850.00 CAGC Members
           $2,495.00 Non-Members
*Includes CWDP NCCER Trainee Guide and 12 End of Module testing events – reported to NCCER.

Instructor: Carolyn Milliron

Session 1- Wednesday, January 18 (11am-1pm)
Session 2- Wednesday, January 25 (11am-1pm)
Session 3- Wednesday, February 1 (11am-1pm)
Session 4- Wednesday, February 8 (11am-1pm)

Session 5-Wednesday, February 15 (11am-1pm)
Session 6- Wednesday, February 22 (11am-1pm)
Session 7- Wednesday, March 1 (11am-1pm)
Session 8- Wednesday, March 8 (11am-1pm)

Session 9- Wednesday, March 15 (11am-1pm)
Session 10- Wednesday, March 22 (11am-1pm)
Session 11- Wednesday, March 29 (11am-1pm)
Session 12- Wednesday, April 5 (11am-1pm)

Session 13- Wednesday, April 12 (11am-1pm)
Session 14- Wednesday, April 19 (11am-1pm)
Session 15- Wednesday, April 26 (11am-1pm)
Session 16-
 Wednesday, May 3 (11am-1pm)
Location: VIRTUAL-Via Zoom

Course Description:
The Construction Workforce Development Professional course introduces advanced management training for the construction industry. With a critical shortage of skilled craft professionals facing the industry, this curriculum is designed to train those who are charged with recruiting, training, and retaining the craft professionals needed for tomorrow’s workforce.

This training will provide a clear understanding of policy compliance and how to oversee the operations of a Construction Workforce Development (CWFD) program, including its facilities, utilities, materials, equipment, curriculum and assessment options, and staffing. This training also covers the development and maintenance of budgets, as well as marketing and promotion of CWFD programs.

The curriculum was developed by National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), with the assistance of Subject Matter Experts from across the country. By doing this important work, the NCCER has created a path for construction companies and their management teams to understand what a Construction Workforce Development Professional needs to know and provides insight on how to create and / or strengthen and support their company’s Workforce Development efforts.

What is Covered:
• Orientation to Construction Workforce Development
• Communicating Effectively
• Policies, Procedures and Program Integrity
• Skilled Professional Training
• Registered Apprenticeship Programs
• Managing Training
• Training Program Development and Administration
• Financial Management and Budgeting
• Workforce Recruitment
• Workforce Development Business Plan
• Marketing, Public Relations and Community Outreach

Workforce Development Program Evaluation The CWDP course is comprised of 12 modules, with a total suggested time (by NCCER) is 140 hours This accelerated course will fast paced; attendance and engagement is expected.

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for construction company representatives, apprenticeship representatives, community college program managers, training directors, and others who are charged with WFD roles and responsibilities. 

Interested in learning more? 

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NOTE: You may also view the recording in full screen here: https://vimeo.com/745096487.

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1/18/2023 - 5/11/2023

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