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2023 CAGC Young Leader Membership

Registration is now open for 2023!

2023 CAGC Young Leader Membership

The CAGC Young Leader program was created to ensure the construction industry's successful future. The program is designed to prepare the next generation of leaders for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Through professional development, networking opportunities, and service in the community, Carolinas AGC provides opportunities to build your business through your young leaders. The CAGC YL Program has grown to 200+ individuals who are 45 and younger. These professionals include company owners, managers, supervisors, administrators, and all other positions within their companies. The CAGC YL program will make a lasting influence on your company, your association, and the future of the construction industry.

Membership Cost: (January - December) 
Employees working for CAGC Members: $125
*Companies that are going to register more than 5 employees are eligible for a group discount!! Please email Chelsea Andujar for details. 
To receive the multiple employee discount, employees must be registered at the same time.

Employees working for Non CAGC Members: $250

**MID-YEAR Discount: Interested in joining?? Email Chelsea Andujar for a mid-year discount!

Questions about the CAGC Young Leader Program? Contact Chelsea Andujar at candujar@carolinasagc.org

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