CAGC Hall of Fame logoOn July 27, 2019 Carolinas AGC celebrated hard work, perseverance and achievement. We paid tribute to five individuals; one of whom has left an incredible legacy on our industry, and four who are still paving the road for future leaders to follow. Each of the men that was honored embodies the skill, integrity and responsibility that Carolinas AGC and the Associated General Contractors stand for. We hope that this award and event expressed the appreciation and gratitude that we have for them, their companies and their work. 

The winners and their families were honored at the 2019 Carolinas AGC Summit & Expo July 27 in Asheville, NC.

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Hall of Fame Award Winners

2019 Hall of Fame Award Winners

Hall of Fame Legacy Awards

Dewey Sanders

Dewey Sanders, Sanders Utility Construction, Charlotte, NC

Floyd Dewey Sanders was born on January 21, 1939 to James Paul and Sara Sanders in Charlotte, N.C.  His birthplace became the community he lived and worked his entire life.  Dewey graduated West Mecklenburg High School in 1957 and, several months later, married Hazel McSwain – his high school sweetheart.

Dewey, along with his brother - Jimmy, and his father began landscaping yards when the community housing development started emerging in Charlotte during the 1950’s.  Their work gave them insight for the need of private water wells and septic systems.  During this time, J.P. Sanders and Sons, a construction company, was formed.  In 1966, additional visions led Dewey and Jimmy to form the incorporation of Sanders Brothers, Inc. which was licensed to bid heavy utility municipal projects.   

Dewey had a keen knowledge of the industry and an uncanny ability to teach those around him. Many professionals in the industry reached out to him for his expert advice and insight, especially when the job at hand seemed impossible to accomplish. His ability in finding a solution and encouraging those with what appeared to be the unworkable, Dewey taught those how to tackle the job in parts instead of the overwhelming whole.

In 1997, Dewey and Hazel Sanders, along with partnering key employees, lead the way to establish Sanders Utility Construction Co., Inc., the current company known for its quality and integrity in the Charlotte metro area. 

Dewey was a man of his word and believed in a firm handshake as a binding agreement.  Simply, he could be trusted. A written legal contract with signatures, witnesses, attests, drawn blood, first born child, etc. frustrated him to no end. 

Dewey Sanders was a very compassionate person for all those involved in his life.  The employees were always considered family and treated by him as such.  He was so very gracious in lending money, helping to find suitable housing for families, reliable transportation and countless other goodwill gestures to those who were struggling. Those employees’ trials influenced Dewey to help the ones in need – mostly when the help was not asked for.

Dewey would be so proud of his legacy. The Company is still strong today and its insights and visions are expanding even further into the heavy utility construction industry with the same determination as it was founded upon. If he were here today, he would still be mentoring with his encouragement and wisdom. 

Today, his wife, two daughters, son, son-in-law and two grandsons are a vital part of the family business of 60+ years.  All six of his grandchildren have worked at the company during summer breaks while in school. They believe that Dewey would not want any recognition without passing it on to his extended family who include all past and present employees of Sanders Utility Construction Co., Inc.


Hall of Fame Awards

C. Carroll Heyward, Sr.

C. Carroll Heyward, Sr., W.B. Guirman & Co., Inc., Columbia, SC

Upon graduation from The Citadel in 1969, Mr. Heyward worked for the Corps of Engineers, Charleston, South Carolina District as an engineer in training.  Shortly thereafter, he came to work for W.B. Guimarin & Company, Inc. as a project manager and estimator.  Mr. Heyward was appointed to general management of in 1976 and elected President in 1979.  
He is active in the Carolinas AGC and has served as Chairman of the Subcontractor/Specialty Contractors Division three times and is a past Chairman of the Specialty Contractors Division and the Specialty Contractor Council with the National AGC.  
Mr. Heyward has and is actively serving in his community by dedicating his time to multiple Boards such as Salvation Army, Providence Hospital Foundation, and Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina. He currently serves as the City appointed Chairman of the Columbia Museum of Art Commission and is a past President of the Columbia Museum of Art Association.  Education is important to Carroll, as well. He has served as a member of the Heathwood Hall School Board and as a member of the Education Committee.

Carroll is currently a Board member for W.B. Guimarin.

Graham Moore

Graham Moore, Barnhill Company, Rocky Mount, NC
Graham Moore has not only exemplified leadership skills daily, he has culminated an entire career of exceptional leadership.  Graham was born in Oxford NC in 1951 and after graduating from High School he attended NC State University.  Upon graduating college he quickly got married, had a honeymoon, moved to Fayetteville and started working at Crowell Constructors.

He worked hard and from his first position as an estimator, he advanced thru the ranks from Project Manager up to General Operations Manager.  In 1987 he was promoted to President of Crowell Constructors.  During his tenure as president, Crowell’s revenues and workforce more than doubled.  He was credited as a positive motivational force with a unique and effective style of personal communication helping to grow the business. 

In 2006 Barnhill Contracting Company, in a bold and decisive expansion maneuver, acquired APAC’s eastern NC operations which included Crowell.  Graham enthusiastically stepped up into his new role and quickly established himself as an effective and knowledgeable leader within the Southeastern Division.  His leadership and attitude contributed greatly to the success of the acquisition and transition process.

His career has been both extraordinary and enduring. Incredibly, for the last 45 years he has worked at the same office building.

Much like George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life” his leadership, selfless service and guidance has influenced not only his co-workers but also our community and industry thru the many associations and committees he served throughout his career.  

These positions included:

  • President of the Carolina Asphalt Paving Association
  • Chair of Carolinas AGC
  • Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee
  • State of North Carolinas General Contractor Licensing Board
  • Honorary Member of the US Army Special Forces and 82nd Airborne Division.

Nathan McLamb

Nathan McLamb, Carmel Contractors, Charlotte, NC

Nathan was born in eastern North Carolina and raised on a farm near Clinton.  He received a Mechanical Engineering Degree from NC State University in 1961 and is currently a registered Professional Engineer in NC as well as several other states.

In May of 1983, Nathan founded Carmel Contractors in Charlotte NC focusing on commercial construction.  After starting the business Nathan became an active member of Carolinas AGC and remained very active on several CAGC committees throughout his career.  

He served as Chair of the Membership Committee and as Building Division Chair.  While service as the PAC Chairman, he was able to raise a record amount of funds with the help of loyal and generous CAGC members.  Nathan is also a Life Member of the National AGC Board.

In addition to his construction career, Nathan is a Pilot – still flying and with a strong interest in aviation.  He enjoys playing Tennis and Golf, as well.  He is a long-time Rotarian and active member of Christ Episcopal Church.

Nathan resides in Charlotte with Suydie, his wife of many years. 

Richard VickRichard Vick, S.T. Wooten Corp, Wilson, NC

Ricky was born in 1955 in Stantonsburg, NC where he still resides to this day.  He graduated from NC State University in 1977 with a BS in Civil Engineering and has been a Registered Professional Engineer since 1982.

Upon graduating NC State Ricky began his career with ST Wooten as a Field Engineer and throughout his 42 years at ST Wooten he worked his way up the ladder to Vice President.

Ricky has also been involved with Carolinas AGC throughout his career lending his knowledge of the construction industry through numerous Committees and Chairmanships.

Most notably Ricky helped raising money for the PAC.  Because of his leadership and support for the PAC, S.T. Wooten employees have consistently contributed more to the NC PAC than any other member company.  

In his spare time Ricky enjoys playing golf and going to the beach with his Wife, Nancy, and their two children Karen and Brandon.

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