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August 31, 2018

Election Season is Heating Up

The almost daily news out of Raleigh is really shaking things up for the 2018 elections.  From the recent court action that once again ruled NC’s congressional districts to be gerrymandered and therefore unconstitutional to the battles between the Governor and legislative leaders over two constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot, there’s no shortage of drama around the upcoming November election.  Adding to this uncertainty is the record number of candidates running for legislative seats and the large number of open seats where incumbents are not returning making it more difficult than ever to predict which political party will be in power in 2019.

What Is Certain 

What we do know, however, is that NC’s PAC is already being called on by our current champions in the legislature to support them in their efforts to get reelected - those that have helped us increase funding for transportation, sided with us on opposing new state procurement practices that could have had detrimental effects on our industry, kept unnecessary regulation at bay and listened to and acted on our concerns on a number of other issues.   Your contribution to our NC PAC will allow us to help those that have been our strongest industry supporters.

What’s Not Certain 

Well, nothing is certain – but especially where there are open seats with no incumbent running.  We have to make new friends and provide as much financial support as possible to those that we believe will be our future champions.  This means we will need to contribute larger amounts to more candidates.  

Contribute to the NC PAC

The Carolinas AGC NC PAC contributed almost $100k during the last election cycle (putting us in the top 50 in giving). However, the sheer number of legislative races this year will require our PAC to raise more money than we have in the past. Your donation will ensure that candidates that support the construction industry are elected or re-elected to fight for the policies that are important to you and your business. 
While your lobbyists will continue to push for increased investment in infrastructure, policies that support a friendly business climate, and opportunities to address the workforce shortage in our industry, we have to have the backing of a strong PAC to get us a seat at the table.  
A donation to our PAC is one of the most important ways you can help our industry gain recognition at the legislature. 

Let’s show the force and will of the construction industry by making our PAC one of the strongest in NC! Please give today! 

Stay tuned for a SC Edition next week!


As a reminder: Contributions to Carolinas AGC NC PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, business entities, labor unions, and professional associations are prohibited. Each individual may contribute $5,100 per election.

Betsy Bailey
NC Government Relations
Building Division Director

Victor Barbour
 Victor Balbour
NC Government Relations
Highway Division Director

Dave Simpson, CAE
President & CEO
Carolinas AGC

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