Project SuperVISION® provides a comprehensive education system to increase and upgrade the skills and knowledge of the construction supervisor. The system is structured to:

  1. Offer accredited recognition status
  2. Improve the image of the construction industry
  3. Build a suitable workforce for the industry
  4. Strengthen alliances between construction supervisors and their employers.

Delivery Options - Employers can choose the delivery method that best suits their needs

  • Scheduled classes - open to all; scheduled throughout the Carolinas - see calendar.
  • "On-demand" classes - If at least 5 individuals from construction companies in a given area commit to attend a class that is not offered on the calendar, Carolinas AGC will work to find an instructor and recruit enough additional attendees to reach the minimum number necessary to offer the class.
  • In-house private offerings - the Project SuperVISION® courses for supervisors are available as a private offering for one or more companies who join together to sponsor courses.

Course Descriptions

Register for a Class: find our classes on our Education & Training Calendar of Events, or contact Rian Mack by phone at (704) 372-1450 ext. 5214 or e-mail to

"Professional Construction Supervisor" Recognition

Project SuperVISION® is also part of the North Carolina Community College System.

Please contact Rian Mack (5214) at the CAGC Charlotte Office, (704) 372-1450 for more information.