Membership Dues & Applications:

Time Saver Tip! 

Previous CAGC members should not use the new member applications to re-join. Instead, reactivate and update your account in minutes by calling CAGC at (704) 372-1450 x5229. 

First Time Members: Receive a one-time 15% discount on membership.

 (bids directly to owners)

(provide on-site labor for a construction project)

(provide materials or support to a jobsite or a contractor but no on-site labor)

Membership Contacts:

GC Specialists:
Roddy Craft
(704) 372-1450 x5224

Mike Austell
(704) 372-1450 x5289

Specialty Contractor/Supplier Specialists:
Lori McGovern
(704) 372-1450 x5227

Chelsea Andujar
(704) 372-1450 x5229