PAC Donations will fund, and CAGC's staff will focus on the following issues in 2017:

North Carolina

“This legislative session, CAGC will be particularly focused on ways the state can help the construction industry meet our critical workforce development challenges.  We will also continue to focus on funding for infrastructure, easing regulatory burdens and improving the business climate for our members. Betsy Bailey, CAGC NC Government Relations Director.

CAGC’s legislative priorities for 2017 include: 

  • Identifying ways the state can help the construction industry meet our workforce recruitment challenges through funding for apprenticeship programs and development of an outreach campaign to help improve the image of the construction industry.  
  • Partnering with the Community College System to promote workforce training options for students by placing additional Career Coaches in high schools.  
  • Support for the recommendations of the House Select Committee on Strategic Transportation Planning and Long Term Funding Solutions to include funding for “megaprojects” (i.e., I-95) and the establishment of a Blue Ribbon Committee to Study Transportation Infrastructure Funding.  
  • Working with other stakeholders to lobby for state funding for K-12 and community college facilities.  As our population continues to grow, local governments are finding it increasingly difficult to fund construction of public schools and Community Colleges. Since the state does not typically fund construction for these educational facilities (except for a small amount that comes from the state lottery for public schools) CAGC will be working with a number of our partners to advocate for a state funding contribution, particularly for low-wealth counties.  
  • Advocating for Repair and Renovation funding for state agency and UNC system facilities by establishing a reserve fund that would earmark 3% of total building value appropriated for repairs and renovations.  
  • Support for the recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Study Commission to Study the Building and Infrastructure Needs of the State that focus on improving the construction process for state agencies and UNC system building projects and ways to help rural counties with funding for capital projects to include schools, community colleges and water/wastewater systems.
  • Continuing to ensure the public bidding process is transparent, fair, and competitive.
  • Establishing strong relationships with the new administration in support of issues that impact our industry.  

South Carolina

  • Increase Road Funding: This is a top priority for CAGC and for our members. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road. The legislature must develop a sustainable, recurring, long term transportation funding plan.

  • Flood Relief for Roads:  CAGC has been and will continue to be very active working with SCDOT on how our industry can assist in the flood relief efforts and what the repairs mean for our members and the state, long term.

  • Increase Fines for Speeding in Work Zones: In addition to passing a comprehensive road funding plan, we need to also pass S. 199 which would increase fines for speeding in construction work zones. If passed, a separate fund would be set up to use the additional fine money to hire and place more officers and more blue lights in the construction work zones.

  • Address the Lack of Skilled Laborers: CAGC will be exploring all options and working with legislators, other state agencies and the tech school system throughout the state to address the ever growing issue of the lack of skilled labor in the construction industry.

  • Improve the Legal Climate in SC:  CAGC is a member of the SC Civil Justice Committee (legal reform issues). The coalition works, each year, to see that negative legal reforms are not passed in SC. Issues such as punitive damages, seatbelt liability, and worker’s compensation issues. This will continue to be a priority for CAGC.

  • Streamline Business License Fees: Business license fees will be a hot topic this year. CAGC is part of a stakeholder group that is working with a handful of legislators to create a standard business license fee process, in conjunction with the cities and counties. Of course, this is a huge money maker for the cities and counties; but businesses are in need of a more streamlined process across the board.

  • Push for Licensing Law Changes: Carolinas AGC will continue to push for changes to the Contractor’s Licensing Law that increases the net worth and the job limitations.