Introducing the Youturn Health Member Benefit

Only 2 in 10 construction workers get help for their mental health. Let’s change those stats.

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CAGC is proud to announce and offer a new program, Youturn Health,  that provides resources to help employees and their family members struggling with mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, addiction, and suicidal ideation. 

Youturn Health is a virtual platform that bridges the gap between inaction and getting help by making support accessible to people who might not otherwise seek it. From workers on a job site up through management. Youturn Health provides confidential access to their virtual support program with educational videos and trainings and individual and family Peer Support Specialists who are paired with participants based on shared lived experiences. 

Construction Industry Continues to Have High Rates of Suicide and Opioid Overdoses 
Recent studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found high rates of adults struggling with mental health or substance use and many seriously considering suicide. The construction industry has the highest rate of suicide at 53.2 per 100,000 U.S. workers. That rate is four times greater than the national average and five times greater than that of all other construction fatalities combined. Additionally, Construction workers represent about 25% of fatal opioid overdoses among all workers.


Partner with Youturn Health to provide support to your employees or jobsite.

  • Peer Coaching Support Phone Line:
    Available 10am-Midnight ET, all employees and their family members will have access to an anonymous support line to ask questions regarding mental health issues they or their loved ones may be experiencing. The support line will help direct them to additional help.
  • Online Learning:
    Access to a virtual library with management training, 45+ courses, and over 450+ individual lessons on behavioral health, stress management, substance use, and suicidal ideation.
  • Family Support:
    Inclusive family support is vital to positive, long-term outcomes. Your employees’ family members have access to our peer coaching and online video library at no extra cost. They’ll get support and a baseline education to practice self-care, set boundaries, and treatment and recovery.

Discounted pricing is available for Carolinas AGC Members. To learn more about how we can help your organization, fill out the information form.

More Information:
For more information, questions or to get started, contact the Youturn team. 

Bridget Kelly
VP, Growth & Strategic Partnerships

For Managers - Youturn Health Leadership Program

Enabling your team to be ready to support your employees when they need it most.
Now available through the Carolinas AGC Youturn Health Member Benefit program!

As a manager, you may be the first to recognize when a coworker is dealing with a mental health-related challenge. It’s important to know how to respond.

The Youturn Health Leadership Program provides in-depth instruction on how to communicate about mental health at work, identify signs of a mental health-related challenge, and effectively respond and offer support.

Training Courses:

  1. Mental Health Communication 101
    1. Mental health vs. mental illness
    2. Factors that influence mental health in construction
    3. Building effective messaging about mental health
    4. Best practices for sharing resources
  2. Approaching Employees
    1. Common barriers that keep people from talking about mental health at work
    2. Signs someone may be experiencing a mental health-related challenge
    3. How to approach a colleague to offer resources
  3. Recovery First Aid
    1. How the disease of addiction impacts the brain
    2. Techniques to talk to employees about substance use resources
    3. Tips to support an employee with a family member struggling with substance use
  4. Suicide Prevention
    1. Risk factors and warning signs for suicide
    2. Common myths about suicide
    3. How to support a struggling employee
    4. Suicide prevention resources

In addition to our new member benefit with Youturn, CAGC is proud to partner with AGC of America to provide resources that support our members and their employees as they fight this epidemic.