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Carolinas AGC's decades of relationships with Carolinas architects, engineers and owners have powered the industry's premier project leads network since 1950.

Project Leads:
How IBuild's Project Leads Helps Build Your Business

  • See what's out for bid in both NC & SC- both public and private work.
  • IBuild can e-mail your new search results each Monday morning (optional for each saved search).
  • Real-time e-mails alert you when changes are made to your tracked project (such as prime bidder added, meeting set, bid date changed, bids tabulated, and project awarded). This is optional for each project.
  • Prime bidders get weekly reports of sub-bidders interested in a given project.
  • Check out any prime bidder's competitive bidding history-- your own or a competitor's.
  • Personalized welcome page with interactive calendar of your Tracked Projects bidding in the next 2-4 weeks.
  • Search by keyword in both project details and spec books at the same time.
  • Project lists "flag" all projects added since your own last login.
  • Projects can be listed by more than one major classification- ex: if a project involves both utility work and building work, you'll find it under both Classifications.
  • Viewing Logs show GC's and designers which sub-bidders have viewed your project documents and include minority-ownership data.
  • We'll even tell you if project plans are available on a web site other than IBuild and provide the web address.
  • Contact names and e-mails on prime bidder lists help sub-bidders reach prime bidders faster.
  • Owner's minority requirements are "flagged" on all results lists, and users can search for Projects with owner's minority requirements.
  • Search by Project Owner type- government, letting, private, military.
  • Track projects directly from your Search Results list (don't have to go into Project Details).
  • Find projects with addenda, excluding projects with minor or other changes.
  • Get discounted prices when ordering paper prints for delivery or pickup.

**Your Carolinas AGC Daily Project Alert will link right to IBuild - click on any project name and go right to the full project details!**

All project leads functionality is included in your membership dues payment - see Membership Information.

Plans Online:
How IBuild's Plans Online Can Save Time & Money

  • Less time & money spent on travel to local plan rooms to view plans & specs.
  • Search by keyword on all project leads (available to all member users). Results list will provide a way to view and open the specific division in which the keyword was found (only available to plans online users).
  • Bid the project faster because you can view the prints as soon as they are posted online.
  • Print out plan sheets, specs and addenda right in your office with your large format printer or plotter.
  • Complete on-screen take-off with free software provided with our plans online service.
  • The more projects you bid during the year, means more projects won - and more money for your company.

Cost for IBuild's Plans Online service

The upgrade pricing is in addition to basic annual membership dues- see Membership Information .

  • General Contractors : $1,495.00 per year
  • Subcontractors & Supplier Members: $1,995.00 per year

For additional locations:

  • One branch office: $395 per year
  • Two, three or four branch offices: $695 per year
  • Five, six or seven branch offices: $1,295 per year
  • Eight, nine or ten additional locations: $1,895 per year
  • Eleven or more additional locations: $175 per year per location
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Services for GC's Seeking Subbids:
How IBuild Connects GC's with Subbidders

Carolinas AGC member general contractors enjoy 3 ways to reach bidders easily and quickly:

  • Option 1: Advertise to all CAGC members:
    Our traditional FREE service for GC's openly seeking sub-bids

    When you've landed a project and need subbids, IBuild connects you to the Carolinas ' largest pool of qualified subbidders: 2,500 CAGC subcontractors & vendors, including 550 minority-owned firms. Get more information on this service

  • Option 2: Confidential Projects Service:
    Invite your private bid list

    An affordable new option from Carolinas AGC: A secure, private plan room environment for your selected bidders only. As Project Host, you forward a special access key code, using your own bid invitation system, to the bidders of your choice— whether or not they are Carolinas AGC members. Get more information on this service

  • Option 3: Combine Both for Maximum Bid Coverage

    If you wish to open up your bidding to more than your private list, use IBuild to post a project for not only your invited bidders (members and non-members) but also to all CAGC members.

    As the project host, you publicize the project access key code by whatever means you wish, to as many potential bidders as you wish. This service maximizes your bids by opening the project door to all CAGC members and any bidder you choose to invite, including the general public. Get more information on this service