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A comprehensive education system to increase and upgrade the skills and knowledge of the construction supervisor. The system is structured to:

  1. Offer accredited recognition status
  2. Improve the image of the construction industry
  3. Build a suitable workforce for the industry
  4. Strengthen alliances between construction supervisors and their employers

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Courses offered

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OnlineOnline ClassroomClassroom (Open) On DemandIn-House (Private)
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Professional Construction Supervisor (PCS)

Online TrainingClassroom Training
Length: 40 hours
Recognition Points: 10
CEU: 4.0

This Project SuperVISION® Course teaches the fundamental competency skill set of an effective Construction Supervisor. An overall objective is to emphasize the importance of professionalism in supervising construction projects through efficient use of knowledge and applied skills.

Chapters Include:Professional Construction Supervisor Book

  • Our Construction Industry
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Understanding Your Company Culture and Jobsite Culture
  • Construction Bidding and Estimating
  • From the Specialty Contractor/Supplier Perspective
  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Project Scheduling
  • Future Faces of the Construction Industry
  • Anatomy of a Construction Lawsuit
  • Continued Professional Growth and Success
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Total Safety Performance (TSP)

Online TrainingClassroom Training
Length: 40 hours
Recognition Points: 10
CEU: 4.0

Unlike other safety programs, this course teaches the supervisor how to encourage people to take individual responsibility for safety. This course stems from the fundamental belief that all safety ultimately depends on the accountability of each individual to maintain a safe and healthy place in which to work. This course teaches the importance of managing safety and productivity equally. Participants qualify for their 30-hour OSHA certification.

Total Safety Performance BookChapters Include:

  • Introduction to Safety
  • The Human Side of Safety
  • A Construction Company Safety Program That Works
  • Strategies for Success in Safety
  • OSHA Regulations – An Overview
  • Hazard Recognition and Safe Work Practices – Part 1: Subparts B – H
  • Hazard Recognition and Safe Work Practices – Part 2: Subparts I - L
  • Hazard Recognition and Safe Work Practices – Part 3: Subparts M – Z
  • When an Accident Occurs
  • The Future of Safety in Construction
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Effective Preplanning and Project Scheduling (EPS)

Online TrainingClassroom Training
Length: 40 hours
Recognition Points: 10
CEU: 4.0
Careful planning and scheduling before and during construction make a job run smoothly and result in satisfied owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, construction workers, and company managers. This "how to" course teaches supervisors to better understand plans and schedules and to improve their skills by using the latest technology. Selected assignments allow for the use of computers. This course will expose the supervisor to the need for and the process of preplanning construction projects as well as the mechanics and vocabulary of project scheduling. Project preplanning, several scheduling formats, planning for production, short interval planning, and schedule updating and revising will all be covered in depth. Upon completion of this course the supervisor understands the need for good planning and scheduling, understands the language and logic of scheduling, and is versed in many specific planning aids that can be used immediately upon returning to the jobsite.

Effective Preplanning and Project SchedulingChapter Includes:

  • Introduction to Time Management and Continuous Improvement
  • Levels of Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Preplanning Tools and Techniques
  • Planning with and Through Other Contractors and Suppliers
  • Constructing the Overall Project Schedule
  • Maintaining and Updating the Project Schedule
  • Short-Interval Project Scheduling
  • The Project Progress Meeting
  • The Inevitable Crunch at the End
  • Project Gleaning: The Project in Retrospective and Course Review
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Cost Control and Productivity Improvement (CCP)

Online TrainingClassroom Training
Length: 40 hours
Recognition Points: 10
CEU: 4.0

This course teaches the relationships between time, work completed, work-hours spent, schedule duration, equipment hours, and materials used. Production rates, productivity unit rates, work method improvements, and overall total project cost control will be explored. Upon completion of this course, the supervisor will have a solid understanding of what affects costs, and how to control those costs. Additionally, productivity improvement offers the participants some very simple yet effective techniques to use on their projects. Materials for improving work methods and project administration will be developed using actual case studies.

Cost Control and Productivity ImprovementChapters Include:

  • Survival Skills In The Construction Industry
  • The Elements Of Production
  • Measuring Production
  • Production And Productivity Analysis Techniques
  • Cost Reports And Reporting Cycle
  • Tools And Techniques For Productivity Improvement
  • Advanced Problem Analysis / Decision-Making Tools
  • Construction: Change Is The Only Constant
  • Contract Law, Tort Law And Environmental Law
  • Contract Law, Tort Law And Environmental Law (Cont...)
  • Project Closeout, Getting Paid On Time And Course Review
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The Human Side of Project Success (HS)

Online TrainingClassroom Training
Length: 40 hours
Recognition Points: 10
CEU: 4.0

Supervising the people side of a construction project is the most complex and sometimes the most difficult part of a supervisor's job. This course will provide a realistic learning experiences based on the human side of project success. The entire spectrum of human relations issues as they relate to construction projects will be covered. Starting with a basic overview of the traditional discussion of basic human needs and motivators, the course will cause a student to introspectively look at his or her own needs, goals, paradigms, and style of supervision. The course will then focus on subordinates, their needs, their goals, and their paradigms. With this understanding, students will study topics including the project environment, teams and team building, communications, conflict and crisis management, laws, regulations and policies, and relationships at all levels.

The Human Side of Project SuccessChapter Listings Include:

  • The "People Side" Of Construction ... An Introduction To Management
  • Elements of Behavior Management: Personalities, Motivation and Natural Competencies
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Building Project Teams
  • Delegations Empowerment, Accountability and Recognition
  • Dealing With Confrontation and Conflict
  • Managing People By Utilizing Project Information
  • Construction Labor Laws and Regulations
  • Project Correspondence, Technology and Risk Management
  • Your Future In Our Industry and Course Review
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The Project SuperVISION® Academy - 6-day Immersion

Classroom TrainingIn House

6 Days, 48 Instructional Hour

Project SuperVISION® Academy is a 6-day immersion into the world of effective Construction Supervision.  The Academy features small group studies and assignments, team building exercises, and practical work projects. The Project SuperVISION Academy is widely acclaimed as on of the best fast track programs for field supervisors, written by field supervisors.  Participants significantly sharpen their skills, gain insights, discuss common issues, and increase understanding of bottom line awareness through real world activities.

Members are encouraged to promote this program to their entire project teams and may “sponsor” their Sub-Contractors who are not CAGC members at our reduced, member only pricing.

Topics Covered:

Project Supervision Academy
  • Pre-construction Planning
  • Planning for Safety & Quality
  • Project Communication & Documentation
  • Planning for Productivity
  • Architect / Engineer Relationships
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Schedule Implications
  • Management Styles
  • Team Building

 "The payback was immediate...we highly recommend any of the Project SuperVISION courses"

- Mike Murphy, President, Turner Murphy Co.


Paul McCain, President of McCain Special Services, Inc. and adjunct faculty member of North Carolina State University.

Seats: Limited to 24 due to the thorough nature of the course
Recommended for: Field Personnel, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Foremen, Project Managers and all Specialty Contractors, as well as Graduates of Project SuperVISION® classes.

Members may "sponsor" their subcontractors that are not CAGC members and are encouraged to send their project teams to the Academy.
Option available to make Project SuperVISION® Academy a company specific event.

AGC of America LogoProject Management Development Program (PMDP)

On SiteClassroom Training

The Project Manager Development Program (PMDP) for early-career project managers or those looking to move into such a role is a five-course program that covers the essentials of project management and provides a solid foundation for long-term career development. The curriculum is offered at many of AGC's chapters nationwide or can be brought in-house to construction firms and educational institutions in order to teach a new generation of project managers the essential skills to ensure project success.

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