Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Better – It Does!

By Ron Brown, President of State Utility Contractors
January 8, 2020
Ron Brown

If you really want time to go by fast, if you really need to jump quickly into the future, then become Board Chair of the Carolinas AGC.

I feel as though I just accepted the gavel from Paul Mashburn to become CAGC Board Chair, yet here I am getting ready to pass the gavel on to Casey Schwager of Sloan Construction.

What a rewarding 12 months it has been, but you don’t have to be Board Chair to get a rewarding experience from Carolinas AGC. CAGC is offering multiple experiences almost weekly. If you take part in any of these experiences whether they are Annual Convention, Summer Summit and Expo, Young Leaders Events, Networking Events, Training Classes, Legislative Days, Golf Tournaments, Clay Shoots, and much more—you will get a rewarding experience.

For 99 years Carolinas AGC has been a leading trade association. And when you think they can’t do it any better—they exceed all expectations and are named 2019 Chapter of the Year by the AGC of America; this was among 89 chapters throughout the country. A big congratulations goes out to Dave Simpson and his entire staff for making this happen. If the award was given on the merits of staff alone, I’m confident CAGC would win the award every year. It has truly been a pleasure to work with these folks for the past few years. I also want to extend a gracious Thanks to the Board of Directors for 2019. I could not have asked for a better group of folks to work with this past year.

Some other highlights of 2019 include finishing the year with a solid profit that beat our projected budget, beating our Strategic Plan Goal of 90% member retention with a 92% retention rate, strong attendance at all of our 90+ meetings (we had a record-breaking 800 attendees at the Summit in Asheville and 170 at our first two-day Young Leaders Conference in Wilmington), we have worked hard to get the 401k Multiple Employer Plan up and going, we are making great strides in Workforce Development with our Build Your Career program and we continue to be a force in the legislature in both Carolinas.

As I sit and reflect on this past year, I can’t help but think of the man who got me into the business—he was a mentor for many years and showed me why CAGC was such an important part of our industry. That man was Frank Carpenter who served many years in different capacities with CAGC and founded State Utility Contractors. I also want to give thanks to my team at State Utility for allowing me to take time away from the business to volunteer at CAGC.

As we go into our 100 Anniversary Year we are in the best of hands with Casey Schwager and the 2020 Board leading the way. I am confident that when we look back on 2020 we will say “That’s the best they’ve ever done!”