Ron BrownMy two immediate predecessors, Marty McKee and Paul Mashburn, each referenced their years as Board Chair through song titles. Marty stated that it had been a “Long and Winding Road” to get CAGC out of years of declining membership and budgets in the red. Paul Mashburn stated that we were heading “Into the Great Wide Open” and truly, we began that journey over the past couple of years. 

Based on the great foundation set by these two gentlemen along with other past Board Chairs, Board Members, staff and dedicated member companies, I can’t help but refer to the 1970’s hit by McFadden and Whitehead, “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (We’re On the Move).” We are moving into what appears to be another strong year for the construction economy; most everyone is as busy as they have ever been, and the need for construction is abundant in the Carolinas. 

I want to thank Paul Mashburn for his leadership as Board Chair in 2018 and special thanks to the 2018 Board of Directors. The knowledge and wisdom within the membership of CAGC is second to none. Some quick highlights from 2018 include:

  • Relocating CAGC headquarters to a new location that will save us a tremendous amount in overhead.
  • Surpassing our Strategic Plan goal of 92% retention rate for renewing members.
  • Adding Lawson Pope and Jacob Garmon to our membership team of Lori McGovern and Mike Austell to help bring in new members as well as non-dues revenue through sponsorships and affinity programs.
  • Adding Tammy Ford to continue our revamped Build Your Career workforce development program.
  • Continuing our strong legislative presence in Columbia and Raleigh with Leslie Clark, Betsy Bailey and Barry Jenkins. (Believe me - you get your dues value from what these three do for our industry!)
  • Continuing to build our Young Leaders program under the direction of Chelsea Andujar.

I could go on but I think you can see from the staff side that you’re getting a tremendous value in your membership in CAGC. The only way to get more value out of your membership is to GET INVOLVED.

We have so opportunities for all members to get involved:

  • 90+ meetings planned for 2019
  • Numerous committees available to join
  • Quarterly luncheons in all major cities in both Carolinas
  • Young Leaders events
  • Annual Convention and Summer Summit
  • Legislative Days in Raleigh and Columbia to meet your representatives
  • Golf Tournaments, Clay Shoots, Baseball Games and Socials

And if you still have trouble getting involved and have an idea of something you would like us to offer, let us know and we’ll look into it!

We had a great New Board Orientation in Charlotte on December 13 and I’m excited to get to work with our new Board. We’re starting off the year by rolling out our newest Member Benefit and that is the CAGC Multiple Employer 401k Plan. Our goal is to be operational with the new plan by May 1, 2019. We hope this proves to be a great benefit for (1) our member companies who do not offer a 401k Retirement Plan due to cost or additional overhead needed, and/or (2) our member companies who have a plan but would like to benefit from being a part of a larger plan to save on administrative cost and fees along with a decrease in fiduciary responsibility. Many more details to come.

We still have lots of work to do and a great strategic plan and vision to guide us. 

Last but not least, Carolinas AGC will begin the process of planning for our 100th Anniversary in 2020. We have a tremendous history of leading the construction industry in the Carolinas and we want to reflect on and celebrate that history. Mark your calendars early to join us in Charlotte in the fall of 2020 for our Centennial Celebration. More to come on that event over the next year. 

I thank all of you for giving me the honor and privilege to serve as your CAGC Board Chair for 2019. I look forward to working FOR and WITH you this year.