The CAGC Safety Committee met on Thursday, September 16 for their quarterly meeting.  It was greatly attended, and the Committee was able to update each other on a wide range of topics.  Paul Sullivan with NC OSH gave an update report on NC DOL activities.  He reported NC had recorded 17 fatalities so far in 2021.  He estimated that NC is on pace to have 18 fatalities in 2021. He also reported that their department has received 4,797 COVID related complaints since the beginning of the pandemic and conducted 86 COVID inspections including 24 fatalities since October 1, 2020.  NC has also done a verbatim adoption of the OSHA COVID-19 ETS and will likely be issuing citations for those violations in the near future.  He reported they had also completed 2,077 inspections for the current fiscal year which compares to 2026 at this same time last year.

Sharon Dumit with SC OSH gave an update report on SC DOL activities.  She reported that SC has recorded 8 fatalities so far in 2021.  Falls from height have been the largest cause of these fatalities.  South Carolina has NOT adopted the OSHA COVID-19 ETS.  They are working to craft their own standard since COVID is still prevalent in construction.  She also reported that they are fully staffed at this time.  

The Committee also received updates on various AGC and CAGC initiatives along with an update from NUCA.  Sharrell Janvier shared with the Committee that CAGC had received a grant to facilitate Worksite Wellness visits to members work sites in order to provide vaccinations and health screenings to their employees.  Additionally, the committee was given an update on upcoming webinars with Mark Stubley from Ogletree Deakins to discuss COVID Vaccine regulations.  The committee also discussed the ETS for both states and their requirements.

Lastly, each member present was given the opportunity to ask questions or report on recent issues they had experienced.  Discussions were had on offering more safety training for members as well as the committee itself. There will also be a new CDL School requirement for entry level drivers costing between $4k - $10k per driver that goes into effect on February 7, 2022.

The CAGC Safety & Health Committee focuses on accident prevention practices & training and the promotion of accident prevention.  They also maintain CAGC liaison with regulatory agencies in the safety & health field in both Carolinas.  If you or someone at your company is interested in serving on the Committee please contact Jacob Garmon, Director of Safety, Supplier & Sponsorships via or 980-321-1195.