Josh Dobson speaks to the CAGC Safety Committee

The CAGC Safety Committee met on Thursday June 23rd for their quarterly meeting.  They were joined in person by NC Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson. He gave an update on NC DOL activities along with an update on the Heat Stress NEP.  He noted that North Carolina will not be adopting the Federal NEP but will instead work to create a state-level heat stress standard.  Commissioner Dobson then fielded questions from the committee.

Paul Sullivan with NC OSH also gave an update report on NC DOL activities.  He reported NC had recorded 12 construction fatalities so far in FY 2022, on pace for 18 in 2022.  Most of the fatalities continue to be Struck by and Falls.  They are also on pace for 1930 inspections for 2022 down from 2200 in 2021. 

The Committee also received updated various AGC and CAGC initiatives along with an update from NUCA.  The committee discussed the 2022 HR & Safety Conference which was a very successful conference, as well. The committee decided to form a sub-committee on Heat Stress to make suggestions and provide feedback to the NC DOL on the upcoming NC Heat Standard.  Eric Yates will chair the subcommittee.  Jason Sisk with Wayne Brothers also provided the committee information on an OSHA 30 Training Program between Wayne Brothers and Western Carolina University for their students in the construction field.

Lastly, each member present was given the opportunity to ask questions or report on recent issues they had experienced.  Discussions were had on Federal OSHA COVID Inspections, Trench Safety Training, and the Heat Stress subcommittee.

Their next committee meeting will be Thursday, September 22 at 10:00 a.m.

The CAGC Safety & Health Committee focuses on accident prevention practices & training and the promotion of accident prevention.  They also maintain CAGC liaison with regulatory agencies in the safety & health field in both Carolinas.  If you or someone at your company is interested in serving on the committee please contact Jacob Garmon, Director of Safety, Supplier & Sponsorships via or 980-321-1195.