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Don't miss your opportunity to save on health care! All NC and SC Members are now eligible for the Carolinas AGC Health Plan. Open enrollment ends December 12 and plans are effective beginning January 1, 2024.

Carolinas AGC is proud to announce that we are moving forward with offering an Association Health Plan for our members in both North and South Carolina. By banding together under large groups plans, we are excited to announce that we will be offering Health, Dental, and Vision policies, in both states, so that CAGC members will have access to lower rates than might be obtained in the traditional market.

Our partner, Cobbs Allen, has been working very closely with Blue Cross Blue Shield NC (BCBS NC) and Blue Cross Blue Shield SC (BCBS SC) to obtain access to the best possible health care plans. Since each state has different requirements, the process is not the same, but we think our members will find the plans offered comparable.

Both BCBS NC and BCBS SC have agreed to allow members access to plans in both states regardless of whether an initial survey was completed. The plans are still open for members in NC and SC to consider and join.  

For more information on the health plans Carolinas AGC is offering check out the CAGC Health Plan Website.

Open enrollment dates are November 15 - December 12, 2023 and the plans will be effective 1/1/24.

We look forward to sharing information on the many options we are providing to keep our members healthy.