AGC PAC: Your Involvement Matters

October 30, 2018

AGC of America sponsors a nonpartisan political action committee, AGC PAC, that gives members companies and their employees a chance to combine their voices and have an effect on the political process.

Voluntary contributions are pooled through AGC PAC to support pro-construction candidates for election to the US House of Representatives, US Senate, and White House. View this map to see a listing of current and past AGC PAC-backed candidates.

As a leader in the construction industry, your voice has a greater impact than most. Your understanding of the issues and our experience in the industry can help guide policymakers on Capitol Hill. But no matter how strong, one voice is often overpowered by the endless clamor of DC politics.

AGC PAC allows you to join with thousands of others in the industry to speak with a united voice. And as the saying goes, "There is power in numbers."

AGC PAC is the most effective tool you have available to help elect pro-construction candidates to Congress.

Grant your company’s permission today to learn more about AGC PAC or to obtain information on how to make a personal contribution.

Construction Advocacy Fund

The AGC Construction Advocacy Fund allows the association to finance efforts to expand markets, protect the industry from regulatory overreach and advocate for our members.

The Fund helps finance a host of critical campaigns, including our ongoing efforts to fight for federal infrastructure investments, push back against costly, and needless, new regulatory burdens, promote workforce development and workplace safety and enhance construction technology.

  • Research: Having the right data helps AGC make the case for vital legislative measures, and against unneeded and costly new regulations. But getting good member and public data and reliable research costs money. The Fund helps us get the job done.
  • Lobby: The Fund allows AGC to assemble and lead coalitions focusing on vital issues. It pays for the development of educational materials and events that bring needed attention on important issues. And it allows us to connect AGC members with key decision makers.
  • Litigate: AGC is ready to fight any law, rule, or precedent that threatens our industry. Supported by the Fund, we are unafraid to face off against powerful interests to secure legal victories. But litigation carries significant costs, especially when you are committed to winning.
  • Influence: Members of Congress care a lot more about what their constituents hear than what their staff hears. The Fund provides AGC with the resources needed to hold successful media events and ad buys in key districts to advance our policy and political goals.

The Fund accepts corporate and personal contributions from individuals, corporations, and PACs in unlimited amounts. Make a contribution today!


As a reminder: Contributions to Carolinas AGC NC PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, business entities, labor unions, and professional associations are prohibited. Each individual may contribute $5,100 per election.

Betsy Bailey
NC Government Relations
Building Division Director

Berry Jenkins
NC Government Relations
Highway Division Director

Leslie B. Clark
NC/SC Government Relations
Highway Division Director

Dave Simpson, CAE
President & CEO
Carolinas AGC

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