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Clemson Drone Online Courses

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**Note: This is a CAGC Partner Opportunity hosted by Clemson Drone. After retrieving the discount code here, you will register through Clemson Drone.**

Clemson DroneCarolinas AGC is proud to partner with Clemson Drone to promote their 5 online courses, and offer a 10% discount on drone education, training and certification.

Five courses available to fit your current skill level, career goals, and budget.

  • Part 107 Exam Prep (Available on demand)
  • UAS Essentials (Course begins first Monday of every month)
  • UAS Essentials Plus (Course begins first Monday Aug., Oct.)
  • Applied UAS Thermography (Course begins first Monday of every month)
  • UAS Vocation (Course begins first Monday Aug., Oct.)

These unique courses are specifically designed for working professionals who wish to start or expand their use of drones for commercial applications.

Clemson Drone | 5 Online Courses | Course Comparison | Course Instructor

The "UAS Vocation" class is the flagship course and is designed to provide a comprehensive education in applied drone technology. 

Find the course that fits your needs and enjoy a 10% discount upon enrollment with the user of the Carolinas AGC partner discount code.

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7/1/2024 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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