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The 2021 Scholarship application process is now closed and winners have been notified. More information on the 2022 scholarship process will be available soon.

CAGC Foundation LogoThe CAGC Foundation is currently accepting applications for its scholarship program, which was developed to assist those choosing to enter the construction industry as well as those wishing to advance their skills and/or knowledge in an effort to further their construction careers.

Scholarship Criteria

Up to seven (7) total scholarships, from three (3) distinct scholarship categories will be awarded:

  1. University/4 Year College Scholarship - financial support to those college/university degree-seeking students that intend to pursue a career in construction or a construction-related industry: One (1) scholarship, in the amount of $4,000, will be awarded to a current or accepted student at an accredited University/4 Year College in North or South Carolina.
  2. Technical/Trade School Scholarship - assistance for those individuals seeking to enter the construction/construction-related industry by obtaining the necessary skills/technical training at a trade or technical school: Two (2) scholarships, each in the amount of $2,000, will be awarded to two (2) current or incoming students at an accredited Technical/Trade School in North or South Carolina.
  3. Industry Certification/Advancement Scholarship - opportunity for those, currently working in the construction industry, to advance themselves by improving/acquiring the knowledge and skills they need: Four (4) scholarships, each in the amount of $1,000, will be awarded to four (4) individuals within the construction industry pursuing, or planning to pursue, construction industry Certification/Advancement through an accredited center of learning in North or South Carolina.

Applicants may choose any industry-related, accredited certification - some examples include, but are not limited to: LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), CHST (Construction Health & SafetyTechnician), BIM (Building Information Modeling), CPC (Certified Professional Constructor), PROJECT SUPERVISION, etc.

Application Requirements

  • Complete Scholarship Application Form when it's posted online at
  • Submit copy of Official Transcripts- sealed by University/academic institution- Required from each post-secondary University/Academic institution you have attended. Not required for Industry Certification/Advancement Scholarship applicant.
  • Write & Submit Essay- Essays are to be 500 words or less, typed or printed legibly. Response to the following prompt: How would this scholarship help you to better yourself and the construction industry?
  • Submit two (2) Letters of Recommendation: Non-family, preferably current/former employer, supervisor, teacher, instructor, etc. Only one (1) letter of recommendation required for Industry Certification/Advancement Scholarship applicants, must be from employer/supervisor.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Anyone working in, or pursuing a career within, the construction industry is invited to apply
  • Minimum 3.0 overall grade point average (GPA) for those applying for University/College or Technical/Trade School scholarship- no GPA requirement for applicants of Industry Certification/Advancement Scholarship
  • Must be a high school or high school equivalency graduate
  • Must attend an accredited school, college or university permanently located in the Carolinas- on-line schools based in the Carolinas are eligible
  • Enrollment/Class requirements: University/4-year College Scholarship- Requirement- must be full-time student (min. 12 credit hours per academic semester)
  • Technical/Trade School- No minimum class/hours requirement- may be part time student
  • Industry Certified Advancement- No minimum class/hours requirement- may be part time student
  • Immediate families and close relatives of Staff and Board Members of CAGC Foundation; Carolinas AGC, and its corporate entities, are NOT eligible
  • Applicants only eligible for one CAGC Foundation scholarship per year.

Questions about our Scholarship Program?

Contact Chelsea Andujar | (704)372-1450 x5229

Richard Nickel Scholarship

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The Richard Nickel Scholarship was established in April of 2020 and will be available beginning in 2021. Richard Nickel was a valued member of the CAGC Family who tragically lost his life March 23, 2020. For years, Richard was a valuable member of the SC Bridge Committee, the SC Design Build Committee, and the CAGC/SCDOT Joint Committee. At the time of his death, he was serving out the final year of his two-year stent as Chairman of the CAGC Highway Division/Chair of the CAGC/SCDOT Joint Committee. 

Joe Livesay

Thank you for all you and CAGC have done for me since I joined the construction industry. I have had several employers reach out to me from the events I have attended through CAGC. Yalls effort and passion is much appreciated and I can’t thank you enough!
Joe Livesay, 2019 & 2020 Scholarship Recipient

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