Members Gain Access to 2 New Critical Benefits!

Cyber Security Program

Cyber Security Affinity Program

When your organization suffers a cyber breach, its first concern is to handle the breach in a way  that maintains customer confidence. That's why MMA has partnered with Beazley to offer CAGC members access to the Beazley Breach Response Program (BBR), which provides privacy breach response for up to 5,000,000 individuals affected by a breach. BBR is your comprehensive information security insurance solution.

CAGC Member Program Offers more value and enhanced protections!
Beazley Breach Response offers customized plan solutions to fit the employer and employee profile. Their team of consultants will address individual needs.

Program Coverage:

  • Breach response:
    • Legal, computer forensic services, notification services up to 5 million
    • Call center, credit monitoring, identity monitoring or other personal fraud or loss prevention solutions
    • Public relations and crisis management expenses
    • All of the policy's multiple limits will be available for breach response
  • First Party:
    • Business and dependent business interruption loss from security breach or system failure
    • Cyber extortion and data recovery loss
    • Data and network liability
  • Third Party: 
    • Third party information security and privacy coverage with up to $15M
    • Regulatory defense and penalties
    • Payment card liability and costs

  • eCrime
    • Fraudulent instruction
    • Funds transfer
    • Telephone fraud
  • Criminal Reward Coverage
Program Services:

  • A dedicated team of cyber breach professionals.
  • Coordination of vetted forensics experts and specialized lawyers.
  • Assessment of your responsibility to your customers.
  • Notification to individuals affected and coordinates credit/identity monitoring.
  • Indemnification of losses from lawsuits or regulatory actions.
  • Access to pre-breach resources to help mitigate risks before they happen.

Worksite Healthcare Program

Worksite Healthcare Affinity Program

CAGC Members can select benefit offerings that fit their employee needs.
Employee Worksite offering includes:
  • Group Accident
  • Group Critical Illness
  • Disability
  • Permanent Life
  • Hospital Indemnity, etc.
Additional benefits include a custom, co-branded online portal to offer employees access to legal, identity theft, group home/auto and other valuable discount programs.
See full Worksite Offerings
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Free Benefit to Employers on the program:
With this service, you'll have access to our value-added services that we hope will reduce administrative burdens and save valuable time. 
These employer benefits include:
  • Benefit and Enrollment Technology
  • HR Support
  • Compliance Guidance
  • Dedicated Employee Concierge Support

Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) is dedicated to addressing the needs of businesses in the U.S. and around the globe. Drawing on nearly one hundred years of construction industry experience, our professionals seek to understand your company's unique needs and risk profile. Knowing your basic coverage needs along with the current financial health of your organization allows us to tailor strategies optimized specifically for you.
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